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    • Best Management Practices for Bioenergy Crops: Reducing the Invasion Risk 

      Barney, Jacob (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2012-01-05)
      Best practices for selection, field management, harvest, transport, and storage of bioenergy crops to minimize spread of invasive species such as noxious weeds.
    • Sustaining America's Aquatic Biodiversity. Why is Aquatic Biodiversity Declining? 

      Helfrich, Louis A. (Louis Anthony), 1942-; Neves, Richard J.; Parkhurst, James A. (James Albert) (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      Discusses reasons for declining aquatic biodiversity and focuses mainly on the issues of habitat loss, introduced species (aquatic exotics), and water pollution; document also includes web links to more information on ...
    • Zebra Mussels Pose a Threat to Virginia's Waters 

      Helfrich, Louis A. (Louis Anthony), 1942-; Weigmann, Diana L.; Speenburgh, Renee M.; Neves, Richard J.; Kitchel, Lisie; Bruenderman, Sue A., 1962- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      Provides an brief introduction to the invasion of the zebra mussel into American waters, explains the economic consequences they pose, and discusses if Virginia will inherit the problem, what the public can do to help, the ...