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    • Control Methods For Aquatic Plants in Ponds and Lakes 

      Helfrich, Louis A. (Louis Anthony), 1942-; Neves, Richard J.; Libey, George S., 1942-; Newcomb, Tammy J. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
      Explains the negative impacts that can occur from dense growths (over 25% of the surface area) of aquatic plants in ponds and lakes and provides practical methods of management of these plants.
    • Guide to Understanding and Managing Lakes. Part I (Physical Measurements) 

      Helfrich, Louis A. (Louis Anthony), 1942-; Parkhurst, James A. (James Albert); Neves, Richard J. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      Examines factors that affect the health of recreational lakes such as eutrophication and a lake's physical limnology and defines the purpose of a lake management survey.
    • Liming Acidified Lakes and Ponds 

      Helfrich, Louis A. (Louis Anthony), 1942-; Neves, Richard J.; Parkhurst, James A. (James Albert) (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-05-01)
      Explains why liming is used in lakes and ponds to protect from acidification, to add calcium, and to restore their ecological, economic, and recreational values and provides information on how to properly apply lime.