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    • Multi-Cropping Plasticulture in the Mid-Atlantic Area 

      Hohlt, Herman E. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2009-07-22)
      Plasticulture is very expensive for smaller growers to establish. Multi-cropping would spread these costs over more than one crop. This publication reviews the methods, materials and yield results associated with multi-cropping ...
    • Planter/Drill Considerations for Conservation Tillage Systems 

      Grisso, Robert D. (Robert Dwight), 1956-; Holshouser, David Lee, 1963-; Pitman, Robert Melvin, 1948- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014-08-08)
      Successful planting/drilling with no-till equipment depends on specially designed systems that can uniformly place seed through heavy residue and into firm, moist soil. No-till equipment is available to achieve these results ...
    • Precision Farming Tools. Yield Monitor 

      Grisso, Robert D. (Robert Dwight), 1956-; Alley, Marcus M., 1947-; McClellan, Phil (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2005-09-01)
      Using yield monitors is the first step many producers take in precision farming. A yield monitor, combined with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, is an electronic tool that collects data on crop performance for ...