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    • Bench Marks of a Quality Control Program for Ice Cream 

      Nielsen, V. H. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1968)
      Describes the bench marks of an ice cream manufacturing operation guided by definite standards and by an effective quality assurance program.
    • Formulation of Ice Cream and Other Frozen Desserts 

      Tobias, J. (Joseph) (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1972?)
      Discusses the factors which influence the selection of the composition of a particular product, the more important being ingredient cost, quality, legal requirements, and efficiency of operation.
    • Guidelines to culling cows with mastitis 

      Jones, G. M. (Gerald Murray), 1941- (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1999)
      Culling is often the most practical means for eliminating cows chronically infected with mastitis. Cows that are infected present a risk to non-infected cows in the herd.
    • Safety in the Food Laboratory 

      Virginia Cooperative Extension Service (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 1971-06)
      Discusses the safety considerations unique to food laboratory facilities.
    • Statistical Process Control: Applications and Examples for Forest Products Industries 

      Quesada-Pineda, Henry J.; Arias, Edgar (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2015-04-07)
      Discusses some techniques to document and analyze information and statistics used in the decision making process. Target audience for this document is entrepreneurs in the forest products industry.