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    • J.D. Power Hoteliers must focus on services interaction 

      Mest, Elliott (Hotel Management, 2018-07-25)
      While technology investment still is a driver for guest satisfaction, these scores are gradually lowering. The largest boost from technology comes from mobile app adoption at 58 points, though it is down from a 65-point ...
    • Japan to Ban Foreign Spectators From Tokyo Olympics 

      Dolan, David; Gallagher, Chris (Skift, 2021-03-09)
      Due to concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic the Tokyo Olympics may be closed to foreign spectators. Although coronavirus infection numbers in Japan have been relatively low compared to the U.S. and other European countries ...
    • Jazeera Airways Trials IATA Health Passport 

      Loh, Chris (Simple Flying, 2021-05-23)
      Joining the growing list of airlines putting the IATA Travel Pass to the test, Kuwait-based low-cost carrier Jazeera Airways will trial the digital health passport for its flights as well. Joining carriers like Emirates, ...
    • JetBlue Adds New Routes 

      Thomaselli, Rich (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-28)
      JetBlue is adding additional cities to its route network. Together with the American Airlines Northeast Alliance, the airline will offer 500 flights per day from the three major New York airports and an additional 200 from ...
    • JetBlue Plans to Speed Up Transition to Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

      Dabaie, Michael (Market Watch, 2021-09-29)
      Jet Blue is speeding up its transition to SAF, sustainable aviation fuel, with a focus on the three major New York City airports in Newark, Kennedy, and Ka Guardia airports. The company has a target of 30% beginning in ...
    • JetBlue Racing To Hire Flight Attendants Before Busy Summer Season 

      Thomaselli, Rich (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-27)
      JetBlue is planning to hire more than 700 flight attendants to be ready for the busy summer travel demand. The company is hoping to avoid the issues of last summer with flight cancellations partly due to crew shortages.
    • JetBlue To Start Internal Career Development Program 

      Thomaselli, Rich (Travel Pulse, 2021-02-23)
      JetBlue Airways today announced a new initiative to bolster career development within the company, reaffirming what it says is a commitment to current crew members to support its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ...
    • JetBlue, Qatar Airways Expand Global Partnership 

      Wood, Donald (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-25)
      JetBlue and Qatar Airways have expanded their global partnership combining the 100 destinations in North America and the Caribbean destinations of JetBlue with the global network of 82 countries with Qatar.
    • JLL’s Perez-Alvarado Receives Castell Award 

      Brock, Ed (Asian Hospitality, 2021-09-29)
      Gilda Perez-Alvarado, global CEO of JLL Hotels & Hospitality, is the recipient of the second annual Castell Award. This award seeks to honor women in the hospitality industry who embody the criteria of being a: change-maker, ...
    • The joy of riding or walk of shame? The theme park experience of obese people 

      Poria, Yaniv; Beal, Jeremy; Reichel, Arie (2020)
      This exploratory study focuses on obese people's perceptions of their theme park experience. Given this study's objective and the gap in the literature on obese people's tourist experience, a qualitative research approach ...
    • JSX is The World's First Autism-Certified Air Carrier 

      Pfalz, Lacey (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-25)
      JSX is the first Autism-certified airline in the world. They offer a crew who are specialized in working with passengers along the Autism spectrum.
    • Judge rejects union's challenge to Southwest vaccine mandate 

      Associated Press (Travel Weekly, 2021-10-27)
      A federal judge rejected an attempt by the pilot union for Southwest airlines to block the airlines vaccine mandate. Southwest is complying with a Biden administration requirement that federal contractors including airlines ...
    • Just In Time for an IPO-Airbnb's Hotel Business Is Benefitting From Its House Party Ban 

      Schaal, Dennis (Skift, 2020-10-23)
      As Airbnb prepares to go public within the coming weeks, it's market is seeing increased interest in hotel bookings. Airbnb holds a competitive advantage over traditional hotel chains due to it's booking app, HotelTongiht, ...
    • Just Keep Selling in 2009 to Maintain Profitability 

      Feiertag, Howard (2009-01-20)
    • Just who do you think you are? 

      Biesiada, Jamie (Travel Weekly, 2021-01-11)
      Who Do You Think You Are? was the question asked by Host Agency Reviews and the answers are in its latest report on data from its 2020 Travel Agent Income Survey. Responses from the report break them down into four ...
    • Justly so? Employee justice perceptions of legitimate and opportunistic complaints 

      Baker, Melissa Anne (Virginia Tech, 2013-06-17)
      Unjust customer complaints are increasing, liberal redress policies are becoming more commonplace, and front line employees are expected to smile and just deal with fictitious complaints with redress and a sincere smile. ...
    • Keep your salespeople focused on selling 

      Kennedy, Doug (Hotel News Now, 2019-01-09)
      Sales managers should examine the daily schedules of their sales team members and find out what tasks and responsibilities can be removed from their schedules so they can spend more time on sales.
    • The Keys To Success™ in 2013 include Focusing on the Fundamentals to Make Your Hotel More Profitable 

      Hogan, John (2013-01-02)
      One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular." Anthony Robbins
    • KEYS TO SUCCESS™: A Baker's Dozen of Formulas to Thrive in the Service and Hospitality Industry! 

      Hogan, John (Hospitality Educatour, 2017-09)
      Over the last ten years, I have researched and found more than 100 proven strategies that have varying degrees of particular value to hospitality businesses. While some of them are not new, they all have specific benefits ...
    • Killing Me Softly: Organizational E-mail Monitoring Expectations' Impact on Employee and Significant Other Well-Being 

      Becker, William J.; Belkin, Liuba Y.; Conroy, Samantha A.; Tuskey, Sarah (SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC, 2019-12-12)
      This paper tests the relationship between organizational expectations to monitor work-related electronic communication during nonwork hours and the health and relationship satisfaction of employees and their significant ...