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    • Historical land use has long-term effects on microbial community assembly processes in forest soils 

      Osburn, Ernest D.; Aylward, Frank O.; Barrett, J.E. (Springer Nature, 201-09-10)
      Land use change has long-term effects on the structure of soil microbial communities, but the specific community assembly processes underlying these effects have not been identified. To investigate effects of historical ...
    • Resolving Land Use Conflicts 

      Tideman, T. Nicolaus (Farm Foundation, 1972)
    • Physical interaction of nitrogen with Pyrex, stainless-steel, and nickel at very low-pressure 

      Outlaw, R. A.; Brock, F. J.; Wightman, James P. (American Institute of Physics, 1974)
      The physical adsorption of nitrogen on the surfaces of Pyrex, 347 stainless steel, and polycrystallinenickel was investigated over the pressure range 1×10−12–3×10−7 Torr and for the temperatures 77.4 and 87.4 °K. The metal ...
    • Scatterings initiated by two coherent beams 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1974-04)
      A theory, which exhibits the characteristic features of scatterings initiated by two coherent beams, is discussed in the present paper. We show that the imaginary part of the scattering amplitude is an experimentally ...
    • Spheroidal analysis of Coulomb scattering 

      Li, M. C. (AIP Publishing, 1974-05)
      In studying the spheroidal problem of a charged particle scattered by two charged centers, we have had to deal with a differential equation. Its solution was complicated. In this paper, we study a very similar differential ...
    • An improved laser-schlieren system for measurement of shock-wave velocity 

      Bander, J. A.; Sanzone, G. (AIP Publishing, 1974-07)
      An improved laser_schlieren system for the measurement of shock_wave velocities has been developed which employs a single detector.Calibration of multiple detectors has been obviated. The system has been shown to yield, ...
    • Expansion-free electromagnetic solutions of Kerr-Schild class 

      Debney, G. (AIP Publishing, 1974-07)
      Starting with the general Kerr_Schild form of the metric tensor,d s2=_+l_l (where l is null and _ is flat space_time), a study is made for those solutions of the Einstein_Maxwell equations in which l is geodesic, shear_free, ...
    • Dynamic nuclear polarization in samarium-doped lanthanum magnesium nitrate 

      Byvik, C. E.; Wollan, D. S. (American Physical Society, 1974-08)
      We report theoretical and experimental investigations of the dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation of protons in single crystals of lanthanum magnesium nitrate (LMN) weakly doped (≅0.1-1.1-mole%) ...
    • Scattering of two coherent beams by multiple centers 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1974-09)
      This is a continuation in the theoretical study of scattering initiated by two coherent beams. Here the scattering by multiple independent centers is discussed. The presence of these centers involves some problems, which ...
    • On the spectrum of linear transport operator 

      Larsen, E. W.; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1974-11)
      In this paper, spectral properties of the time_independent linear transport operator A are studied. This operator is defined in its natural Banach space L 1(D _ V), where D is the bounded space domain and V is the velocity ...
    • Power statistics for wave propagation in one-dimension and comparison with radiative transport theory. II 

      Kohler, Werner E.; Papanico.G.C. (AIP Publishing, 1974-12)
      We consider the one_dimensional problem of a slab having a random index of refraction and illuminated from within by a point source. We compute the expected value and the fluctuations of both the total power and power flux. ...
    • Bearing estimation using a large towed array 

      Hinich, Melvin J.; Rule, William (Acoustical Society of America, 1975)
      When a towed array of hydrophones is significantly nonlinear due to bending, ordinary linear array beamforming gives a biased estimate of the true source bearing. By processing the array as a sequence of smaller aperture ...
    • Generalized optical theorem in coherent scattering 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1975-03)
      It is shown that the generalized optical theorem in quantum mechanics is a useful theorem in the scattering of two coherent beams.
    • Extension of Case formulas to Lp. Application to half and full space problems 

      Larsen, E. W.; Sancaktar, Selim; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1975-05)
      The singular eigenfunction expansions originally applied by Case to solutions of the transport equation are extended from the space of Hölder‐continuous functions to the function spaces X p = {f‖μf (μ) ‐ L p }, where the ...
    • The conditional entropy in the microcanonical ensemble 

      Dietz, D.; Greenberg, William (AIP Publishing, 1975-08)
      The existence of the configurational microcanonical conditional entropy in classical statistical mechanics is proved in the thermodynamic limit for a class of long_range multiparticle observables. This result generalizes ...
    • Crystal scattering of two coherent neutron beams 

      Li, M. C. (American Physical Society, 1975-10)
      The crystal scattering of two coherent neutron beams is discussed. It is found that the conventional pair correlation function used in single-beam scattering is insufficient to describe the scattering of two coherent neutron ...
    • Multigroup neutron transport. I. Full range 

      Bowden, Robert L.; Sancaktar, Selim; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1976-01)
      A functional analytic approach to the N_group, isotropic scattering, particle transport problem is presented. A full_range eigenfunction expansion is found in a particularly compact way, and the stage is set for the ...
    • Multigroup neutron transport. II. Half range 

      Bowden, Robert L.; Sancaktar, Selim; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1976-01)
      This paper accompanies a preceding one in which a functional analytic method was used to obtain the full_range expansion in multigoup neutron transport. In the present paper the analysis is extended to obtain the half_range ...
    • Water-pollution monitoring using matched spatial filters 

      Almeida, S. P.; Eu, J. K. T. (Optical Society of America, 1976-02)
      Presented are some results obtained from the application of matched spatial filtering techniques to the identification of biological specimens called diatoms (i.e., water algae). A prototype semiautomatic optical processor ...
    • Case eigenfunction expansion for a conservative medium 

      Greenberg, William; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1976-02)
      By using the resolvent integration technique introduced by Larsen and Habetler, the one‐speed, isotropic scattering,neutron transport equation is treated in the infinite and semi‐infinite media. It is seen that the results ...