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    • Rhythmatical: A game to combine music and mathematics for mobile devices 

      Moorefield-Lang, Heather; Evans, Michael A. (Music Reference Services Quarterly, 2011)
      Rhythmatical was designed to be an educational application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that conveyed mathematical topics via musical, rhythmic, or movement interactive techniques. Created by a team of professors, a ...
    • Technology helps students transcend part-whole concepts 

      Norton, Anderson H. III; Wilkins, Jesse L. M.; Evans, Michael A.; Deater-Deckard, Kirby; Balci, Osman; Chang, Mido
      How would your students make sense of the fraction 5/7? Would they interpret it as 5 parts out of 7 equal parts? Could they also understand it as a piece that is 5 times as large as 1/7? The former interpretation aligns ...