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    • Integrative STEM Education as Best Practice 

      Sanders, Mark E. (2012-12-02)
      "Integrative STEM Education as Best Practice" was a presentation made on Dec. 6, 2012, to the Technology Education Research Conference in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. It covers the history of iSTEM, defines it, ...
    • Integrative Stem Education as “Best Practice” 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Queensland, Australia, 2012)
      In accordance with the conference theme—“Exploring Best Practice in Technology Design & Engineering Education”— I make a case in this paper for investigating “integrative STEM education” as a prospective best practice in ...
    • Integrative STEM Education Defined 

      Sanders, Mark E. (National Dropout Prevention Center, 2013)
      "In operationally defining integrative STEM education, we hope to avoid the gross confusion/ambiguity associated with STEM education. Those who wish to use integrative STEM education to describe instruction must be certain ...
    • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Technology Education 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Council on Technology Teacher Education, 2003)
      "The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the instructional strategy of the interdisciplinary approach to teaching. The development of education has resulted in a separation of subjects in the school setting. Technology ...
    • Middle School Children's Thinking in Technology Education: A Review of Literature 

      Sherman, Thomas M.; Sanders, Mark E.; Kwon, Hyuksoo; Pembridge, James (Council on Technology Teacher Education and the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association; Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives, 2009)
    • The Original “Integrative STEM Education” Definition: Explained 

      Sanders, Mark E. (2015)
      “My work with integrative STEM education began in 1990 with the NSF-funded Technology, Science, Mathematics Integration Project… By 2008, I was convinced “STEM Education” was (and always would be) a hopelessly ambiguous ...
    • Science and Technology: A New Alliance 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Science Scope, 1993)
      "The Technology/Science/Math (T/S/M) Integration Project is an attempt to bring these areas together by better coordinating instruction. In doing so, content is more relevant and therefore better internalized by students." ...
    • STEM, STEM Education, STEMmania 

      Sanders, Mark E. (Technology Teacher, 2008)
      A series of circumstances has once more created an opportunity for technology educators to develop and implement new integrative approaches to STEM education championed by STEM education reform doctrine over the past two decades.
    • TSM Integration Project: Integrating Technology, Science, and Mathematics in the Middle School 

      LaPorte, James E.; Sanders, Mark E. (The Technology Teacher, 1993)
      "Technological knowledge has existed far longer than scientific knowledge. Prior to the 1950s, the majority of the technological inventions and innovations did not rely upon scientific theory for their development. In the ...