The Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention is an academic and research organization whose vision builds on the cultural initiatives that evolved within the Virginia Tech community after the tragedy of April 16, 2007. The Center's educational mission envisions a world informed by cross-disciplinary work in violence prevention research, education, and hands-on learning experiences. The CPSVP is a hub for research, education, service learning, and community outreach dedicated to the study and prevention of violence in global and local contexts. See

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Recent Submissions

  • Understanding the Overlap of Online Offending and Victimization: Using Cluster Analysis to Examine Group Differences 

    Parti, Katalin; Dearden, Thomas E.; Hawdon, James E. (Routledge, 2022-06)
    Criminal offending and victimization often overlap in both the virtual and offline worlds. However, scholars are still unsure how the offending-victimization relationship plays out between the online and offline worlds. ...
  • Cybercrime: Victimization, Perpetration, and Techniques 

    Hawdon, James E. (Springer, 2021-11-10)
    The creation of the World Wide Web revolutionized communication. At the turn of the 21st century, roughly 413 million people used the internet (Roser, Ritchie and Ortiz-Ospina 2015). A mere 21 years later, nearly 4.7 billion ...
  • Gender, immigration, and school victimization 

    Peguero, Anthony A. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2012-04)
    Anthony Peguero speaks about his research on adolescent violence, socialization and marginalization, school bullying, race and ethnicity, and the adaptation of the children immigrants. It is well established that violence ...