Recent Submissions

  • Motivating Students by Design: Practical Strategies for Professors, 2nd Edition 

    Jones, Brett D. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)
    The title of the book, Motivating Students by Design (2018), was chosen because the author explains how instructors can motivate students intentionally through the design of their courses. The two primary purposes ...
  • 3D for STEM 

    Obilade, Titilola T. (2017-03-07)
    In this site, you will find four lesson plans that have incorporated 3D printing. The lessons were from Geometry, Ecology, Earth Science and Chemistry. In Geometry, inverted cones were printed. A wind turbine was printed ...
  • Situated Learning as a Constructivist Learning Theory 

    Obilade, Titilola T. (Virginia Tech, 2012-11-30)
    The students are undergraduate students from different continents and have contrasting interpretations of plagiarism. They have similarities in that they are all taking the class on plagiarism. They would need computers ...