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    • Behind the Scenes of the Fair Use Week Exhibit - How We Made Our Copyright Decisions 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Sebek, Robert; Walz, Anita R.; Fralin, Scott; Gilbertson, Keith (2016-02)
      This workshop was created for a general audience, with an expectation of most being students, staff, or faculty in a higher education environment. *This workshop was developed with United States copyright law in mind. ...
    • Creative Convergence: Conducting a Systematic Review Project Through Cross-Institutional, Distance Collaboration 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Ching Dennison, Carolyn; Farrell, Alison; Gore, Genevieve; Holyoke, Assako; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; O'Brien, Kelly; Swanberg, Stephanie; Thuna, Mindy (2014-10-30)
      Objective: To reflect on a cross-institutional systematic review project: What are effective collaboration methods for geographically dispersed research teams? Methods: Conduct a scoping literature review on effective ...
    • Data Management Bootcamp 2016: Ginny Pannabecker 

      Pannabecker, Virginia
      Following a session on "Writing for Data Management," presentation attendees applied what they learned while playing a Data Management Bingo game to identify good and bad data management practices from sample data management ...
    • Digging Deeper into Text and Data Mining 

      Haugen, Inga; Lener, Edward F.; Pannabecker, Virginia; Young, Philip (Virginia Tech, 2017-10)
      Text and data mining (TDM) approaches are increasingly used for research in a variety of disciplines to create, explore, and analyze large datasets. This presentation explores opportunities for library support for TDM, ...
    • Elements and Altmetric at Virginia Tech: A Client Case Study 

      Troia, Lily; Pannabecker, Virginia (Virginia Tech, 2018-08-02)
      Presenters will discuss a use case that includes description of department workshops and results of those, development of individual reports, and use of Elements data to design reports with multiple identifiers or other aspects.
    • Faculty Research Practices in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Insights from a Qualitative Study Designed to Inform Research Support Services 

      Hayes, Whitney; Pannabecker, Virginia; Shen, Yi; Smith, Erin M.; Thompson, Larry (Virginia Tech, 2018-12-14)
      This qualitative study analyzes and reports on in-depth interviews with eight faculty from the Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. This project is part of a larger series ...
    • Fair Use Week Exhibit and Event Toolkit 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita R.; Sebek, Robert; Fralin, Scott; Gilbertson, Keith (Virginia Tech, 2016-02-22)
      In Fall 2015, the Open Knowledge Committee of Virginia Tech’s University Libraries decided to participate in Fair Use Week 2016. This was our first time participating. We put a call out and gathered a planning group. Our ...
    • The Flipped Classroom: Student-Driven Library Research Sessions for Nutrition Education 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Barroso, Cristina S.; Lehmann, Jessica (Taylor & Francis Online, 2014-12)
      This article reports on the use of a flipped classroom technique to teach library research skills to upper-level undergraduate nutrition students. A public university Health Sciences librarian and two Nutrition faculty ...
    • Flipping for Health: Hands-On Library Research Sessions 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Barroso, Cristina S.; Lehmann, Jessica (2014-10-30)
      In Spring 2014, a health sciences librarian planned five library research sessions for undergraduate and graduate courses, using the flipped classroom method. This lightning talk will summarize sessions and present example ...
    • A Framework Tasting: Trying Out a New Vintage in Info Lit 

      Pannabecker, Virginia (Virginia Tech, 2015-05-12)
      Join your colleagues for a Conversation Starter and explore ways to apply the proposed ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education in course support. The proposed framework moves away from prescriptive, ...
    • Get Noticed - Managing your scholarly career in an age of metrics, social media, and open research 

      Walz, Anita R.; Pannabecker, Virginia; Young, Philip; Potter, Peter; McMillan, Gail (2017-06)
      This workshop is designed for busy faculty who want a jump start in developing new skills, mastering new tools, and learning new approaches related to sharing their work and extending their impact. As delivered in June ...
    • How Do Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Inspire Researchers? 

      Pannabecker, Virginia (2015-10)
      OBJECTIVES: This research poster explores if and how electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) platforms include features that may facilitate researchers in: collaborating; incorporating research literature in laboratory ...
    • Implementing a Writing Course in an Online RN-BSN Program 

      Stevens, Carol J.; D’Angelo, Barbara; Rennell, Nathalie; Muzyka, Diann; Pannabecker, Virginia; Maid, Barry (Wolters Kluwer, 2014)
      Scholarly writing is an essential skill for nurses to communicate new research and evidence. Written communication directly relates to patient safety and quality of care. However, few online RN-BSN programs integrate writing ...
    • Instructional methods used by health sciences librarians to teach evidence-based practice (EBP): a systematic review 

      Swanberg, Stephanie M.; Dennison, Carolyn Ching; Farrell, Alison; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; O'Brien, Kelly K.; Pannabecker, Virginia; Thuna, Mindy; Holyoke, Assako Nitta (Medical Library Association, 2016-07)
      BACKGROUND: Librarians often teach evidence-based practice (EBP) within health sciences curricula. It is not known what teaching methods are most effective. METHODS: A systematic review of the literature was conducted ...
    • Integrating the Library into Online and Distance Learning Environments 

      Pannabecker, Virginia (2014-10-30)
      An overview of library roles in distance and online education based on examples from two higher education universities.
    • Is It a Fair Use? A Hands-On Discussion 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita R. (2016-02)
      This workshop was provided for instructors, researchers, and library employees; in-person and online, as well as being open to the general public (in-person and online) during Fair Use Week 2016. In each workshop session, ...
    • Is It a Fair Use? Celebrating Fair Use Week to Promote Critical Thinking about Copyrights 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita R.; Sebek, Robert; Fralin, Scott; Gilbertson, Keith (2016-05-18)
      Have you ever been asked, “Can I use this?” in reference to an article, book, image, or other copyrightable work intended for a course, publication, or professional training? This lightning talk presents one university ...
    • Library Support for Text and Data Mining: A Report for the University Libraries at Virginia Tech 

      Young, Philip; Haugen, Inga; Lener, Edward F.; Pannabecker, Virginia; Brittle, Collin (Virginia Tech, 2017-07-28)
      This report examines how the University Libraries at Virginia Tech have supported text and data mining in the past, and how academic libraries in general are providing support for it. The report looks at licensing content ...
    • Master Health Literacy: A Participant-Focused Program in Development 

      Pasier, Michelle; Goldbeck DeBose, Kyrille; Pannabecker, Virginia (Virginia Tech, 2017-10-23)
      BACKGROUND Many of us face anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to health concerns. To help address this, three librarians at a research university are working with partners to develop a Master Health Literacy (MHL) ...
    • Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness - Opening Ceremony 

      Cook, Samuel R.; de Hernandez, Anthony Wright; Pannabecker, Virginia; Winn, Samantha R.; Walters, Tyler; McVoy, Elizabeth (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2016-09-16)
      This is the opening ceremony for the Native Voices exhibit. The exhibit examines concepts of health and medicine among contemporary American Indian, Alaska native, and Native Hawai'ian people. The traveling exhibition, ...