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dc.contributor.authorBingham, S.
dc.coverage.spatialMadiama Commune
dc.descriptionMetadata only record
dc.description.abstractIn chapter 9, Bingham introduces the Holistic Management (HM) Model, an approach developed specifically for open range animal husbandry, but well adapted to provide intuitive analyses, insights and decision-making information for community-based management of natural resources. Consistent with the SANREM approach, this holistic methodology was introduced to scientists and community members in order to facilitate diagnostics of and behavioral change in the management of the natural resource base in the Commune of Madiama. He describes how HM has been a source of tension between scientists and HM promoters, but has also led to innovative attempts at changing resource management within the community.
dc.publisherallingford, Oxon; Cambridge, Mass.: CABI Publishing
dc.relation.ispartofMoore, K. ed. Conflict, Social Capital, and Managing Natural Resources : A West African Case Study. Wallingford, Oxon; Cambridge, Mass.: CABI Publishing
dc.subjectParticipatory processes
dc.subjectNatural resource management
dc.subjectCommunity management
dc.subjectCommunity participation
dc.subjectHolistic management (trademark) (hm) model
dc.subjectAnimal husbandry
dc.subjectDecision support
dc.subjectMadiama commune
dc.titleHolistic management applied to SANREM research and development in Madiama
dc.contributor.departmentSustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (SANREM) Knowledgebaseen_US
dc.description.notesME (Management Entity)

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