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dc.contributor.authorVedeld, T.
dc.identifier.citationForum for Development Studies 1: 23-50
dc.descriptionMetadata only record
dc.description.abstractThe last 15 years have seen the World Bank and other donors providing support to the formation of pastoral organizations (POs) to serve as community-based instruments of natural resources management (NMR) and development. The article summarizes some recent experiences related to the establishment of pastoral and agro-pastoral organizations and the potential role of such institutions in natural resources management, using the example of development projects in the drylands of Eastern Senegal (Tambacounda), Southern Mauritania, Fifth and Sixth Region in Mali (Mopti), and South-Eastern Niger (Zinder). Although experiences with the formation of these POs are mixed, there is evidence of positive achievements. Several steps have been taken in the right direction. POs now organize various natural resource management actions (awareness raising, bushfire control, rangeland and water-point management) and provide development services to the local communities (animal health, training and provision of food and other items). Water points provide a basis for small cohesive groups and their management can become the first main activity in an improved NRM regime. The POs have low income-generation capacities and financial viability. Many POs are, however, able to run certain economic activities with some profit (e.g. veterinary drug stores). POs may be encouraged to raise charges for water and herding services from absentee herd owners. In all projects, there is evidence of government and project failures which need to be addressed if pastoral institution-building is to move forward. (CAB Abstracts)
dc.subjectArid lands
dc.subjectResource management
dc.subjectRural development
dc.subjectLocal institutions
dc.subjectNatural resources
dc.subjectFarm/Enterprise Scale Governance
dc.titleLocal institution-building and resource management in the West African Sahel
dc.contributor.departmentSustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (SANREM) Knowledgebaseen_US

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