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dc.contributor.authorGoletti, F.
dc.contributor.authorGruhn, P.
dc.contributor.authorYudelman, M.
dc.coverage.temporal1995 - 2000
dc.identifier.citationFood, Agriculture, and the Environment Discussion Paper 32
dc.descriptionMetadata only record
dc.description.abstractThe challenge for agriculture over the coming decades will be to meet the world's increasing demand for food in a sustainable way. Declining soil fertility and mismanagement of plant nutrients have made this task more difficult. In their 2020 Vision discussion paper, Peter Gruhn, Francesco Goletti, and Montague Yudelman point out that as long as agriculture remains a soil-based industry, major increases in productivity are unlikely to be attained without ensuring that plants have an adequate and balanced supply of nutrients. They call for an Integrated Nutrient Management approach to the management of plant nutrients for maintaining and enhancing soil, where both natural and man-made sources of plant nutrients are used. The key components of this approach are described; the roles and responsibilities of various actors, including farmers and institutions, are delineated; and recommendations for improving the management of plant nutrients and soil fertility are presented.
dc.publisherWashington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute
dc.relation.ispartofVision 2020
dc.rightsCopyright 2000 IFRPI
dc.subjectSustainable agriculture
dc.subjectSoil fertility
dc.subjectNutrient management
dc.subjectIntegrated nutrient management
dc.subjectPlant nutrients
dc.subjectCrop nutrition
dc.subjectAgriculture research evaluation
dc.subjectRate of return
dc.subjectField Scale
dc.titleIntegrated nutrient management, soil fertility, and sustainable agriculture: Current issues and future challenges

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