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    • Macrophage Activation in the Synovium of Healthy and Osteoarthritic Equine Joints 

      Menarim, Bruno C.; Gillis, Kiersten H.; Oliver, Andrea; Ngo, Ying; Werre, Stephen R.; Barrett, Sarah H.; Rodgerson, Dwayne H.; Dahlgren, Linda A. (2020-11-26)
      Synovitis is a major component of osteoarthritis and is driven primarily by macrophages. Synovial macrophages are crucial for joint homeostasis (M2-like phenotype), but induce inflammation (M1-like) when regulatory functions ...
    • Novel roles for scleraxis in regulating adult tenocyte function 

      Nichols, Anne E. C.; Settlage, Robert E.; Werre, Stephen R.; Dahlgren, Linda A. (2018-08-07)
      Background Tendinopathies are common and difficult to resolve due to the formation of scar tissue that reduces the mechanical integrity of the tissue, leading to frequent reinjury. Tenocytes respond to both excessive loading ...