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    • Modeling human enteric dysbiosis and rotavirus immunity in gnotobiotic pigs 

      Twitchell, Erica; Tin, Christine; Wen, Ke; Zhang, Husen; Becker-Dreps, Sylvia; Azcarate-Peril, M. Andrea; Vilchez, Samuel; Li, Guohua; Ramesh, Ashwin; Weiss, Mariah; Lei, Shaohua; Bui, Tammy; Yang, Xingdong; Schultz-Cherry, Stacey; Yuan, Lijuan (2016)
      BACKGROUND: Rotavirus vaccines have poor efficacy in infants from low- and middle-income countries. Gut microbiota is thought to influence the immune response to oral vaccines. Thus, we developed a gnotobiotic (Gn) pig ...