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    • Developing a Financially Sustainable Business Model for Library Resources and Technical Services (LRTS), the Official Journal of ALCTS 

      Shorish, Yasmeen; Arnold-Garza, Sara; Gong, Regina; Hall, Nathan (2013-06-19)
      The Board of Directors of the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) tasked a sub-group of the American Library Association Emerging Leaders 2013 cohort with investigating different pricing and ...
    • Developing Library Strategy for 3D and Virtual Reality Collection Development and Reuse: An IMLS National Digital Platform Project 

      Hall, Nathan; Hardesty, Juliet; Cook, Robert; McDonald, Robert H.; Lischer Katz, Zack; Wittenbert, Jaime; Carlisle, Tara; Johnson, Jennifer; Griffin, Julie; Xie, Zhiwu; Ogier, Andrea (2018)
      These are the preliminary and full proposals for an IMLS grant to develop a white paper (to be added here in late 2018) to host three national forums of invited experts to support library adoption of 3D and virtual reality ...
    • Digital Collection Development Policy: From Documenting Content to Documenting Process 

      Hall, Nathan; Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw; Phillips, Mark Edwards (University of North Texas Libraries, 2010)
      This poster discusses collection policies. Drawing from the experience of developing digital collections and a digital library infrastructure, the University of North Texas Libraries is developing a new collection policy ...
    • Digital Libraries for Biodiversity and Natural History Collections 

      Ruiz, Miguel; Kramer-Duffield, Jacob; Greenberg, Jane; Hall, Nathan (American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2010-10)
      This panel aims to discuss the importance of creating digital libraries for biodiversity and natural history collections, the state of the art in terms of standards, best practices and the challenges that natural history ...
    • DLA: Who We Are and What We Do 

      McMillan, Gail; Gilbertson, Keith; Hall, Nathan; Lawrence, Anne S.; Weeks, Kimberli; Wills, D. Jane; Xie, Zhiwu (2012-05-24)
      In Service Day (ISD) 2012 presentation about the Digital Library and Archives (DLA).
    • Model for Developing Data Management Policy Language 

      Mann, Wendy; Corey, Bill; Wilson, Tom; Hall, Nathan (Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, 2013-04-05)
      Representatives from four ASERL and SURA member academic libraries analyzed existing institutional data management policies in order to develop model data management policy language. This poster outlines milestones and a ...
    • Model Language for Research Data Management Policies 

      Hall, Nathan; Mann, Wendy; Corey, Bill; Wilson, Tom (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries; Southeastern Universities Research Association, 2013-01)
      This proposal was drafted by a Working Group of the ASERL/SURA Research Data Coordinating Committee. The purpose of this document is to provide model language for universities to consider when drafting policy to support ...
    • Newman Library Pecha Kucha: Digital Library and Archives 

      Hall, Nathan; Lawrence, Anne S.; Xie, Zhiwu (2012-05-24)
      2012 Pecha Kucha about the Digital Library and Archives (DLA) at the Virginia Tech Libraries In Service Day.
    • Promoting Universal Knowledge for All: Open Access Week 2012 at Virginia Tech 

      Miller, Rebecca K.; DeBose, Kyrille; Hall, Nathan; Lindblad, Purdom; Scripa, Allison; Griffin, Julie; Young, Philip (Virginia Libraries, 2013-06)
      This article describes the events and activities organized by the University Libraries for Virginia Tech's first Open Access Week celebration in 2012.