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    • Big Data Processing in the Cloud: a Hydra/Sufia Experience 

      Brittle, Collin; Xie, Zhiwu (2014-06-10)
      Presentation video available at This presentation addresses the challenge of processing big data in a cloud-based data repository. Using the Hydra Project’s Hydra and Sufia ...
    • Clustering 

      Xie, Zhiwu (2015-06-11)
      This presentation is part of a panel presentation at Open Repository 2015, Fedora Technical Working Group - Assessment of Fedora 4.
    • VTechData: An Institutional Data Repository 

      Xie, Zhiwu; Griffin, Julie; Chen, Yinlin; Jiang, Tingting; Brittle, Collin; Mather, Paul (2016-06-14)
      We introduce VTechData, a Sufia/Fedora based institutional repository specifically implemented to meet the needs of research data management at Virginia Tech. Despite the rapid maturity of Hydra and Fedora code bases, the ...