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    • Ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity and low coefficients of thermal expansion 

      Center for Innovative Technology; Virginia Polytechnic & State University; Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Kim, Jin-Sung Gook; Swanson, Robert E.; Brown, Jr., Jesse J.; Hirschfeld, Deidre A.; Liu, Dean-Mo; Yang, Yaping; Li, Tingkai; Van Aken, Steven (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 1992-04-07)
      Compositions having the general formula (Ca.sub.x Mg.sub.1-x)Zr.sub.4 (PO.sub.4).sub.6 where x is between 0.5 and 0.99 are produced by solid state and sol-gel processes. In a preferred embodiment, when x is between 0.5 and ...