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    • Reforestation Guidelines for Unused Surface Mined Lands in the Eastern United States 

      Burger, James A.; Zipper, Carl E. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2011-03-24)
      This document describes practices that can be applied to restore native forests on unused mined lands that are unoccupied, unmanaged, and unproductive. The guidelines in this publication are intended for lands mined and ...
    • Revegetation Species and Practices 

      Skousen, Jeffrey G. (Jeffrey Grant), 1956-; Zipper, Carl E. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2010-07-28)
      This publication summarizes procedures for establishing herbaceous vegetation (grasses and legumes) on mined areas. The emphasis is revegetation to control erosion and establish hayland/pasture as a postmining land use.