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    • VA Tech services for students with disabilities and research collaboration 

      Hudson, Robyn (2012-10-12)
      Robyn Hudson, Assistant Director at the Virginia Tech office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) describes issues for Virginia Tech students with autism spectrum disorders, and available services for those ...
    • Vacancy and access to food: Spatially addressing food insecurity in urban Appalachia 

      Bohannon, Cermetrius Lynell; Henry, Nikolus (A|Z ITU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture, 2016-11)
      This study examines food deserts in Roanoke, Virginia in the United States and explores ways to address food insecurity by utilizing vacant lots. In the State of Virginia, there are 200 food desert census tracts. Twenty-nine ...
    • Vaccine Effects on Heterogeneity in Susceptibility and Implications for Population Health Management 

      Langwig, Kate E.; Jones, Darbi R.; Rutan, Barbara J.; Viss, Jessie R.; Wargo, Andrew R.; Egan, Nicholas A.; Sá-Guimarães, Pedro; Kim, Min Sun; Kurath, Gael; Gomes, M. Gabriela M.; Lipsitcha, Marc (American Society for Microbiology, 2017-11-21)
      Heterogeneity in host susceptibility is a key determinant of infectious disease dynamics but is rarely accounted for in assessment of disease control measures. Understanding how susceptibility is distributed in populations, ...
    • A Validation of the Life Satisfaction Scale in a Population of ADS Participants 

      Ogletree, Aaron M.; Jarrott, Shannon E. (Virginia Tech, 2014-11-06)
      The objective of this research is to establish psychometric indicators for the LSS in a population of frail ADS participants.
    • Validation of Underwater Sensor Package Using Feature Based SLAM 

      Cain, Christopher; Leonessa, Alexander (MDPI, 2016-03-17)
      Robotic vehicles working in new, unexplored environments must be able to locate themselves in the environment while constructing a picture of the objects in the environment that could act as obstacles that would prevent ...
    • Valorization of hemicellulose hydrolyzates into eco-friendly surfactants 

      Liu, Wei; Roman, Maren (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2018-03-18)
    • Valuation in major depression is intact and stable in a non-learning environment 

      Chung, Dongil; Kadlec, Kelly; Aimone, Jason A.; McCurry, Katherine; King-Casas, Brooks; Chiu, Pearl H. (Nature, 2017-03-10)
      The clinical diagnosis and symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD) have been closely associated with impairments in reward processing. In particular, various studies have shown blunted neural and behavioral responses ...
    • Valuation of peers’ safe choices is associated with substance-naïveté in adolescents 

      Chung, Dongil; Orloff, Mark A.; Lauharatanahirun, Nina; Chiu, Pearl H.; King-Casas, Brooks (National Academy of Sciences, 2020-11-30)
      Social influences on decision-making are particularly pronounced during adolescence and have both protective and detrimental effects. To evaluate how responsiveness to social signals may be linked to substance use in ...
    • Variability in adsorptive phosphorus removal by structural stormwater best management practices 

      Rosenquist, Shawn E.; Hession, W. Cully; Eick, Matthew J.; Vaughan, David H. (Elsevier, 2009-12-09)
      Various best management practices (BMPs) utilizing sorption processes (SP) have demonstrated effectiveness for phosphorus (P) management in stormwater. However, the widespread use of these BMPs in urban areas has been ...
    • Vascular Amyloid in an Alzheimer's Mouse Model 

      Stublen, Andrew; Mills, William; Sontheimer, Harald; Kimbrough, Ian F. (2018-08)
      Alzheimer disease accounts for ~80% of dementia cases worldwide. Traditionally, one of the pathological hallmarks of this disease is Amyloid beta (A ) plaques. A is a 36-43 amino acid peptide formed from improperly cleaved ...
    • Vector competence of Virginia mosquitoes for Zika and Cache Valley viruses 

      Chan, Kevin K.; Auguste, Albert J.; Brewster, Carlyle C.; Paulson, Sally L. (2020-04-10)
      Background Vector-borne diseases are a major public health concern and cause significant morbidity and mortality. Zika virus (ZIKV) is the etiologic agent of a massive outbreak in the Americas that originated in Brazil ...
    • Vehicle Dynamics in Currents 

      Woolsey, C. (Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems, 2011)
      Vehicles operating in non-uniform flow fields are subject to forces and moments that are not captured by kinematic motion models. These effects are even greater when the mass of the displaced fluid is commensurate with the ...
    • A Versatile Method for Preparing Polysaccharide Conjugates via Thiol-Michael Addition 

      Chen, Junyi; Ma, Xutao; Edgar, Kevin J. (MDPI, 2021-06-08)
      Polysaccharide conjugates are important renewable materials. If properly designed, they may for example be able to carry drugs, be proactive (e.g., with amino acid substituents) and can carry a charge. These aspects can ...
    • Veterans and Broadband Access in Virginia: Implications for Healthcare Planning and Policy 

      Dunkenberger, Mary Beth; Lo, Suzanne; White, Nancy (Virginia Tech; Veterans in Society: Changing the Discourse, 2013-04-15)
      The paper summarizes results and ongoing research into the implication of broadband access and utilization as a means to improve veterans' health care services and coordination. The study examines (a) broadband access, ...
    • Veterinary Feed Directive: Welcome to 2017 

      Mills, Angela (Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science, 2017-02-15)
      The regulatory environment changed January 1, 2017 for producers who wish to continue to use certain antibiotics in feed & water for animals. - Education is key to understanding the rules and how to maintain compliance. - ...
    • Victimization, Urbanicity, and the Relevance of Context: School Routines, Race and Ethnicity, and Adolescent Violence 

      Peguero, Anthony A.; Portillos, Edwardo L.; Hong, Jun S.; González, Juan Carlos; Kahle, Lindsay L.; Shekarkhar, Zahra (Hindawi, 2013-07-14)
      The United States is undergoing a historical racial and ethnic demographic shift. There is limited criminological research exploring if and how these changes influence variation in the relationship between routine activity ...
    • Virginia Connected Vehicle Test Bed System Performance (V2I System Performance) 

      Viray, Reginald; Sarkar, Abhijit; Doerzaph, Zachary R. (Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center (CVI-UTC), 2016-05-01)
      This project identified vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication system limitations on the Northern Virginia Connected Vehicle Test Bed. Real-world historical data were analyzed to determine wireless Dedicated Short ...
    • Virginia Forest Landowner Update, Fall 2017 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2017)
      A quarterly publication with a list of events, news, and information promoting the stewardship of Virginia's natural resources.
    • Virginia Star Quality Initiative Family Child Care Home Provider Demonstration Pilot Evaluation Report 

      Bradburn, Isabel S.; Dunkenberger, Mary Beth; White, Nancy; Allen, Elizabeth (Virginia Tech Child Development Center for Learning and Research; Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance, 2011-08-05)
      The Virginia Star Quality Initiative (VSQI) family child care home demonstration project was a pilot quality rating and improvement program designed to provide intensive professional development services to family child ...
    • Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research - Susan White perspective 

      White, Susan (2012-10-12)
      Highlights of the autism research of Susan White, Psychology professor and the co-director of the VT Autism clinic, are explained. Topics include anxiety, treatment development, ASD in adults, and biomarker pursuit. Fit ...