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    • Mathematical Strategies for Design Optimization of Multiphase Materials 

      Catania, Rick; Diraz, Abdalla; Maier, Dominic; Tagle, Armani; Acar, Pinar (Hindawi Publishing Corp, 2019-03-12)
      This work addresses various mathematical solution strategies adapted for design optimization of multiphase materials. The goal is to improve the structural performance by optimizing the distribution of multiple phases that ...
    • Multi-scale computational modeling of lightweight aluminum-lithium alloys 

      Acar, Pinar (Elsevier Ltd, 2019-03-07)
      The present study addresses the multi-scale computational modeling of a lightweight Aluminum-Lithium (Al-Li) 2070 alloy. The Al-Li alloys display significant anisotropy in material properties because of their strong ...