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    • Circadian dynamics in measures of cortical excitation and inhibition balance 

      Chellappa, Sarah L.; Gaggioni, Giulia; Ly, Julien Q. M.; Papachilleos, Soterios; Borsu, Chloe; Brzozowski, Alexandre; Rosanova, Mario; Sarasso, Simone; Luxen, Andre; Middleton, Benita; Archer, Simon N.; Dijk, Derk-Jan; Massimini, Marcello; Maquet, Pierre; Phillips, Christophe; Moran, Rosalyn J.; Vandewalle, Gilles (Springer Nature, 2016-09-21)
      Several neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders have recently been characterized as dysfunctions arising from a 'final common pathway' of imbalanced excitation to inhibition within cortical networks. How the regulation ...