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    • Blasted Flies and Nanoparticles for TBI 

      Hockey, K. S.; Sholar, C. A.; Sajja, Venkata Siva Sai Sujith; Hubbard, W. B.; Thorpe, C.; VandeVord, P. J.; Rzigalinski, B. A. (Brain Injuries and Biomechanics Symposium, 2013-09-19)
      This presentation briefly summaries two major areas of work in our lab, development of a Drosophila model of blast injury and treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with cerium oxide nanoparticles. First, we discuss the ...
    • Enduring deficits in memory and neuronal pathology after blast-induced traumatic brain injury 

      Sajja, Venkata Siva Sai Sujith; Hubbard, William Brad; Hall, C. S.; Ghoddoussi, F.; Galloway, Matthew P.; VandeVord, P. J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-11-05)
    • Role of Glia in Memory Deficits Following Traumatic Brain Injury: Biomarkers of Glia Dysfunction 

      Sajja, Venkata Siva Sai Sujith; Hlavac, Nora; VandeVord, Pamela J. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2016-02-29)
      Historically, glial cells have been recognized as a structural component of the brain. However, it has become clear that glial cells are intimately involved in the complexities of neural networks and memory formations. ...