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    • Aberrant Calcium Signaling in Astrocytes Inhibits Neuronal Excitability in a Human Down Syndrome Stem Cell Model 

      Mizuno, Grace O.; Wang, Yinxue; Shi, Guilai; Wang, Yizhi; Sun, Junqing; Papadopoulos, Stelios; Broussard, Gerard J.; Unger, Elizabeth K.; Deng, Wenbin; Weick, Jason; Bhattacharyya, Anita; Chen, Chao-Yin; Yu, Guoqiang; Looger, Loren L.; Tian, Lin (Elsevier, 2018-07-10)
      Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic disorder that causes cognitive impairment. The staggering effects associated with an extra copy of human chromosome 21 (HSA21) complicates mechanistic understanding of DS pathophysiology. ...
    • Automated Functional Analysis of Astrocytes from Chronic Time-Lapse Calcium Imaging Data 

      Wang, Yinxue; Shi, Guilai; Miller, David J.; Wang, Yizhi; Wang, Congchao; Broussard, Gerard; Wang, Yue; Tian, Lin; Yu, Goquiang (Frontiers, 2017-07-14)
      Recent discoveries that astrocytes exert proactive regulatory effects on neural information processing and that they are deeply involved in normal brain development and disease pathology have stimulated broad interest in ...