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    • Divergent age-dependent peripheral immune transcriptomic profile following traumatic brain injury 

      Hazy, Amanda; Bochicchio, Lauren; Oliver, Andrea; Xie, Eric; Geng, Shuo; Brickler, Thomas; Xie, Hehuang; Li, Liwu; Allen, Irving C.; Theus, Michelle H. (Springer Nature, 2019-06-12)
      The peripheral immune system is a major regulator of the pathophysiology associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI). While age-at-injury influences recovery from TBI, the differential effects on the peripheral immune ...
    • EGR1 recruits TET1 to shape the brain methylome during development and upon neuronal activity 

      Sun, Zhixiong; Xu, Xiguang; He, Jianlin; Murray, Alexander; Sun, Ming-an; Wei, Xiaoran; Wang, Xia; McCoig, Emmarose; Xie, Evan; Jiang, Xi; Li, Liwu; Zhu, Jinsong; Chen, Jianjun; Morozov, Alexei; Pickrell, Alicia M.; Theus, Michelle H.; Xie, Hehuang (2019-08-29)
      Life experience can leave lasting marks, such as epigenetic changes, in the brain. How life experience is translated into storable epigenetic information remains largely unknown. With unbiased data-driven approaches, we ...