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Fundamentals of Business76812
Think Like A Startup: a white paper to inspire library entrepreneurialism41890
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Handmade Wooden Book from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School15616
Fundamentals of Business, Second Edition11435
An Evaluation of the Attendance Policy and Program and Its Perceived Effects on High School Attendance in Newport News Public Schools10476
Construction as a Curriculum Organizer for Technology Education9788
Varsity Football Helmet STAR Protocol9225
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An Investigation of ETDs as Prior Publications: Findings from the 2011 NDLTD Publishers' Survey6925
The Influence of Teaching Methods on Student Achievement on Virginia's End of Course Standards of Learning Test for Algebra I6787
Do Open Access ETDs Affect Publishing Opportunities in the Sciences? Findings from the 2012 Survey of Academic Journal Editors6208
The downside of social capital6096
Topology investigation of front end DC/DC converter for distributed power system5800
Bicycle Helmet STAR Protocol5560
The Impact of Driver Inattention on Near-Crash/Crash Risk: An Analysis Using the 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study Data5402
Too Much Assessment Not Enough Innovation: R&D Models and Mindsets for Academic Libraries5373
Photograph of Sandy Hook Elementary School (Strasburg, VA)5082
THE ART OF PROBLEM DISCOVERY: Adaptive Thinking for Innovation and Growth4976
Technological Immersion Learning: A Grounded Theory4917
Personal Financial Wellness and Worker Job Productivity4669
Wild Tigers in Captivity: A Study of the Effects of the Captive Environment on Tiger Behavior4470
Resilience and adaptive cycles4320
The Last Western Flyer: The Western Auto Century4298
Stiffener Design for Beam-to-Column Connections4257
The Myth of Community: Gender Issues in Participatory Development4173
Librarian as Futurist: Changing the Way Libraries Think About the Future4165
War and Agriculture: Three Decades of Agricultural Land Use and Land Cover Change in Iraq4150
Electromagnetics, Volume 14048
Understanding the Learner Experience: Threshold Concepts and Curriculum Mapping3562
Employees' Organizational Commitment and Their Perceptions of Supervisors' Relations-Oriented and Task-Oriented Leadership Behaviors3497
Electromagnetics Volume 1 (beta)3420
Borderlands Theory: Producing Border Epistemologies with Gloria Anzaldua3370
Get moving-- for the health and fun of it! : dietary guidelines for Americans3275
Injuries on Mechanized Logging Operations in the Southeastern United States3270
FLIP THE MODEL: Strategies for Creating and Delivering Value3184
Climate change adaptation strategies: Water resources management options for smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa3165
The Effects of Family Structure and Family Process on the Psychological Well-Being of Children: From the Children's Point of View3146
Financial Literacy of College Students: Parental and Peer Influences3074
The Impact of Student Attendance, Socio-Economic Status and Mobility on Student Achievement of Third Grade Students in Title I Schools3037
Gender and Environment: A Feminist Political Ecology Perspective2945
Introduction: Rethinking Reference and Instruction with Tablets2911
Biodiversity conservation in the era of biofuels: risks and opportunities2873
Putting Women in Place: Feminist Geographers Make Sense of the World2824
The Urban Catalyst Concept2818
Financial Stability Rearticulated: Institutional Reform, Post-Crisis Governance, and the New Regulatory Landscape in the United States2808
Linear, Branched and Crosslinked Polymers, Polyesters, Polyurethanes and Polymethacrylates Derived From Rotaxane Formation: Syntheses and Properties2797
An Assessment of the Newport News Teacher Mentoring Program2708
Anti-Vaccination Movement2627
Thresholds and Transitions: Inbetween the public and private realm2586
The Effects of Household Fabric Softeners on the Thermal Comfort and Flammability of Cotton and Polyester Fabrics2575
Rainwater Harvesting Systems2570
Design of High-density Transformers for High-frequency High-power Converters2546
Sustainable Beach Resort Development: A Decision Framework for Coastal Resort Development in Egypt and the United States2538
Design of Class-E Radio Frequency Power Amplifier2513
Sliding Mode Controller Design for ABS System2479
Payments for Environmental Services2455
Young Children and Nature: Outdoor Play and Development, Experiences Fostering Environmental Consciousness, And the Implications on Playground Design2432
Dan River Queen Riverboat2364
Public-Private Partnerships for Higher Education Infrastructure:  A Multiple-Case Study of Public-Private Partnership Models2354
Adaptive management: A tool for conservation practitioners2349
The College-to-Work Transition Through Temporary Employment Services: A Case Study in an Information Technology Company2298
Part-time employment in high school years: educational, social, and psychological effects.2285
Forest ecosystem services: Can they pay our way out of deforestation?2280
Structure-Property Relationships of Flexible Polyurethane Foams2271
Socrates' Conception of Knowledge and the Priority of Definition2270
Directing Space - Spatial Continuity in architecture2254
Development of a Virtual Reality Excavator Simulator: a Mathematical Model of Excavator Digging and a Calculation Methodology2250
On-Farm Composting Methods2250
Mechanism of Action of Antipsychotics, Haloperidol and Olanzapine in vitro.2231
Posttraumatic Stress Among Students After the Shootings at Virginia Tech2207
High Frequency Magnetic Core Loss Study2167
Children Teaching and Learning in Peer Collaborative Interactions2138
Teaching and Learning Styles Of Community College Business Instructors and Their Students: Relationship to Student Performance and Instructor Evaluations2107
The effects of group cohesiveness on group conformity and member satisfaction2089
Agricultural mitigation of greenhouse gases: Science and policy options2073
"Submarine" Moonshine Still2055
Veterinary Epidemiology: Principles and Methods2047
Engines For Change: Libraries as drivers of engagement2024
Doctoral candidate wearing her cap with "We will prevail! VT" printed on the mortarboard1995
Transparency and Movement in Architecture1988
Intimate Partner Violence in Heterosexual Couples Viewed Through the Lens of Attachment1915
Food Safety 100 Game1889
Java Applets for Analysis of Trusses, Beams and Frames1887
Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Vinyl Ester Matrix Resins1885
Why systems of people and nature are not just social and ecological systems1879
Direction of arrival estimation using antenna arrays1865
Money Management Behaviors of Traditional-Aged College Freshmen and Sophomores: a Qualitative Study1859
Extended describing function method for small-signal modeling of resonant and multi-resonant converters1858
Sustainable livelihoods and livelihood diversification1857
Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols: Methodologies and Applications1854
Crop-Livestock Interaction in Sub-Saharan Africa1847
State-Trajectory Analysis and Control of LLC Resonant Converters1843
Social Butterflies- How Social Media Influencers are the New Celebrity Endorsement1832
The 28th Virginia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.1829
Soccer Headgear STAR Protocol1826
CULTIVATING COMPLEXITY: How I Stopped Driving The Innovation Train And Started Planting Seeds In The Community Garden1819
A Structured Approach to Adopting Agile Practices: The Agile Adoption Framework1817
Students' Perceptions of Bullying after the Fact: A Qualitative Study of College Students' Bullying Experiences in Their K-12 Schooling1817