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    • Farm Decision Making and Gender: Results from a Randomized Experiment in Ecuador 

      Alwang, Jeffrey; Larochelle, Catherine; Barrera, Victor (Elsevier, 2017)
      Substantial resources have been devoted to mitigating the asset gender gap in developing country agriculture. Efforts have been taken to understand the role of women in decision making and in farm operations. Recommendations ...
    • Feed the Future Innovation Lab for IPM: A Decade of Innovation, 2004-2014 

      Rich, Miriam; Izlar, Kelly (Virginia Tech, 2015-11)
      In celebration of ten years of achievements, we’ve created a report that highlights the great work of our scientists and collaborating partners around the world.
    • Feed the Future IPM Innovation Lab: A Critical Role in Global Food Security 

      Muniappan, Rangaswamy (Muni); Heinrichs, Elvis A. (Research Information Ltd., 2015-08)
      The need: food security The World Food Summit of 1966 defined “food security” as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.” Food ...
    • Final Report Abstract: Caregivers of Persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Information and Support Needs 

      Roberto, Karen A.; Blieszner, Rosemary; Brossoie, Nancy; Winston, B. (Alzheimer's Association, Medical and Scientific Affairs, 2007)
    • Food Deserts in Virginia 

      Grant, Alan; Hairston, Jewel E.; Bendfeldt, Eric S.; Clark, Susan; Crawford, Cheryl; Denckla-Cobb, Tanya; Jackson, Franklin; Jones, Debra S.; Jones, Ed; McFerren, Mary M.; Niewolny, Kim; Odeh, Oluwarotimi; Reese, Felicia; Rose, Antwan; Tyler-Mackey, Crystal (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2014-01-22)
      The purpose of the Virginia Food Desert Study Report is to determine the current status of food deserts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The report identifies challenges, consequences, strategies, and resources to address ...
    • Gender Disparity in Third World Technological, Social, and Economic Development 

      Akubue, Anthony I. (Epsilon Pi Tau and Virginia Tech Libraries, 2001)
      Despite their seemingly intractable problems, Third World countries have made remarkable progress in improving the well-being of their people in recent decades… A troubling concern, however, is the notion that gains from ...
    • Gender equity: Integration, coordination, resources, and support for gender research 

      Christie, Maria Elisa (Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP, OIRED, Virginia Tech, 2010)
      The presentation outlines the importance of gendered knowledge and women's involvement in all SANREM CRSP research activities. By including women in SANREM research, scientists will have a more balanced outlook on the ...
    • gender inequality and the division of household labor in the united-states and sweden - a socialist-feminist approach 

      Calasanti, Toni M.; Bailey, Carol A. (University of California Press, 1991-02)
      In this paper, we offer a socialist-feminist framework for exploring the persistence of gender inequality in the division of household labor. The inconsistent results generated by the relative resources, gender-role ideology, ...
    • Gendered knowledge 

      Christie, Maria Elisa (Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP, OIRED, Virginia Tech, 2010)
      This presentation provides a brief overview of the Gendered Knowledge Cross Cutting Research Activity (CCRA-7) and qualitative research techniques and focus group methods. The Gendered Knowledge activity seeks to address ...
    • Governance, Livelihoods and Gender Issues in Run-of-the-River Hydropower Project Areas in Uttarakhand, India 

      Buechler, Stephanie
      As part of the Women and Gender in International Development discussion series, Dr. Stephanie Buechler, Assistant Research Professor in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona, will present on ...
    • Health, Spirituality and Environmental Concern: Older Women's Perspectives on the Natural Environment 

      Husser, E.; Gigliotti, C.; Roberto, Karen A. (Center for Gerontology and Dept. of Human Development, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2007-11)
    • High school outreach program: Attracting young ladies with “engineering in health care.” 

      Monterastelli, Tania; Bayles, Taryn; Ross, Julia (ASEE, 2008)
      YESS (Young Engineers and Scientists Seminars) is an enrichment program for gifted and talented high school students from the Baltimore/Washington areas who have a strong aptitude in mathematics and science fields. The ...
    • How KANERE Free Press Resists Biopower 

      Deramo, Michele C. (York University, 2016)
      How does a free press resist state biopower? This article studies the development and dissemination of KANERE Free Press, a refugee-run news source operating in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, that was founded to create “a more ...
    • The Human Right to Water: The Importance of Domestic and Productive Water Rights 

      Hall, Ralph P.; Van Koppen, Barbara; Van Houweling, Emily (Springer, 2013-12-12)
      The United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights engenders important state commitments to respect, fulfill, and protect a broad range of socio-economic rights. In 2010, a milestone was reached when the UN ...
    • Imagining Home, Nation, World: Appalachia on the Mall 

      Satterwhite, Emily M. (Journal of American Folklore, 2008)
      This article reads the Smithsonian's annual folklife festival as a cultural product buffeted by changing material conditions and funding constraints as the United States transitioned from a Fordist industrial economy to a ...
    • Improving Food Security Around the World: Three-Year Report, 2014-2017 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2018-01)
      In celebration of three years of success (2014-2017), we’ve created a report that highlights the progress, developments, and innovative technologies our collaborators are implementing around the world.
    • InclusiveVT: Past, Present, Future 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2015)
      On September 29, 2014, Virginia Tech held a forum on its new institutional approach to inclusion and diversity. This report summarizes the comments from that forum within the historical context of Virginia Tech’s prior ...
    • Inequity in ecosystem service delivery: socioeconomic gaps in the public-private conservation network 

      Villamagna, Amy M.; Mogollón, Beatriz; Angermeier, Paul L. (The Resilience Alliance, 2017)
      Conservation areas, both public and private, are critical tools to protect biodiversity and deliver important ecosystem services (ES) to society. Although societal benefits from such ES are increasingly used to promote ...
    • Input choices in agriculture: Is there a gender bias? 

      Bhagowalia, P.; Chen, S.; Shively, Gerald E. (West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics, 2007)
      This study analyzes the effect of child gender on the use of agricultural inputs in rural India. Results indicate that households with boys use fertilizers, irrigation services, and insecticides to a greater extent than ...
    • Integrating Gender in SANREM and Feed the Future Programs 

      Christie, Maria Elisa (2014)
      This presentation was developed for the SANREM Annual Meeting in May 2014 to give an overview of the gender approach in USAID's Feed the Future (FTF) Initiative and the SANREM IL's framework. It reviews the gendered ...