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    • Thermal stability and electrical conductivity of carbon-enriched silicon oxycarbide 

      Lu, Kathy; Erb, Donald; Liu, Mengying (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-01-28)
      Silicon oxycarbide (SiOC) is an interesting polymer-derived system that can be tailored to embody many different properties such as lightweight, electrochemical activity, and high temperature stability. One intriguing ...
    • Status and Perspectives of Multiferroic Magnetoelectric Composite Materials and Applications 

      Palneedi, Haribabu; Annapureddy, Venkateswarlu; Priya, Shashank; Ryu, Jungho (MDPI, 2016-03-09)
      Multiferroic magnetoelectric (ME) composites are attractive materials for various electrically and magnetically cross-coupled devices. Many studies have been conducted on fundamental understanding, fabrication processes, ...
    • Adsorbing/dissolving Lyoprotectant Matrix Technology for Non-cryogenic Storage of Archival Human Sera 

      Solivio, Morwena J.; Less, Rebekah; Rynes, Mathew L.; Kramer, Marcus; Aksan, Alptekin (Springer Nature, 2016-04-12)
      Despite abundant research conducted on cancer biomarker discovery and validation, to date, less than two-dozen biomarkers have been approved by the FDA for clinical use. One main reason is attributed to inadvertent use of ...
    • Multifunctional cellulose esters by olefin cross-metathesis and thiol-Michael addition 

      Meng, Xiangtao; Roy Choudhury, Shreya; Edgar, Kevin J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-04-25)
      Olefin cross-metathesis (CM) has been shown to be a versatile, mild, modular, and efficient approach to polysaccharide modification. One issue with regard to this approach is the susceptibility of the initial α,β-unsaturated ...
    • SBIO Newsletter, Spring 2016 

      Sustainable Biomaterials (Virginia Tech, 2016-04-26)
      This is the intradepartmental newsletter for Virginia Tech’s Department of Sustainable Biomaterials
    • Influence of nucleobase stoichiometry on the self-assembly of ABC triblock copolymers 

      Zhang, Keren; Talley, Samantha J.; Yu, Ya Peng; Moore, Robert Bowen; Murayama, Mitsuhiro; Long, Timothy E. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-05-11)
      ABC triblock copolymers bearing adenine- and thymine-functionalized external blocks self-assembled into long-range, ordered lamellar microphase-separated morphologies on non-patterned substrates. Intermolecular hydrogen ...
    • Non-isocyanate poly(amide-hydroxyurethane)s from sustainable resources 

      Zhang, Keren; Nelson, Ashley M.; Talley, Samantha J.; Chen, Mingtao; Margaretta, Evan; Hudson, Amanda G.; Moore, Robert Bowen; Long, Timothy E. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-05-19)
      A two-step synthesis of epoxidation and carbonation afforded a hetero-functional AB monomer with cyclic carbonate and methyl ester (CC-ME) using plant oil-based methyl 9-decenoate and CO2. A unprecedented one-pot synthetic ...
    • Amphiphilic hydroxyalkyl cellulose derivatives for amorphous solid dispersion prepared by olefin cross-metathesis 

      Dong, Yifan; Mosquera-Giraldo, Laura I.; Troutman, Jacob; Skogstad, Brittny; Taylor, Lynne S.; Edgar, Kevin J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-07-07)
      Olefin cross-metathesis (CM) has enabled design and synthesis of diverse, amphiphilic cellulose ether derivatives (e.g. of ethyl and methyl cellulose). In this paper, hydroxyalkyl cellulose was selected as a hydrophilic ...
    • Waste not want not: life cycle implications of gold recovery and recycling from nanowaste 

      Pati, Paramjeet; McGinnis, Sean; Vikesland, Peter J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-08-24)
      Commercial-scale applications of nanotechnology are rapidly increasing. Enhanced production of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products and their resultant disposal lead to concomitant increases in the volume of nanomaterial ...
    • Analysis of electricity consumption: a study in the wood products industry 

      Quesada, Henry Jose; Wiedenbeck, Janice K.; Bond, Brian H. (2016-10)
      This paper evaluates the effect of industry segment, year, and US region on electricity consumption per employee, per dollar sales, and per square foot of plant area for wood products industries. Data was extracted from ...
    • Cooperative electrochemical water oxidation by Zr nodes and Ni–porphyrin linkers of a PCN-224 MOF thin film 

      Usov, Pavel M.; Ahrenholtz, Spencer Rae; Maza, William A.; Stratakes, Bethany; Epley, Charity Cherie; Kessinger, Matthew C.; Zhu, Jie; Morris, Amanda J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-10-06)
      Here, we demonstrate a new strategy for cooperative catalysis and proton abstraction via the incorporation of independent species competent in the desired reactivity into a metal–organic framework (MOF) thin film. The ...
    • SBIO Newsletter, Fall 2016 

      Sustainable Biomaterials (Virginia Tech, 2016-10-13)
      This is the intradepartmental newsletter for Virginia Tech’s Department of Sustainable Biomaterials
    • Hybrid metamaterials for electrically triggered multifunctional control 

      Liu, Liu; Kang, Lei; Mayer, Theresa S.; Werner, Douglas H. (Springer Nature, 2016-10-27)
      Despite the exotic material properties that have been demonstrated to date, practical examples of versatile metamaterials remain exceedingly rare. The concept of metadevices has been proposed in the context of hybrid ...
    • Coenzyme Engineering of a Hyperthermophilic 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase from NADP(+) to NAD(+) with Its Application to Biobatteries 

      Chen, Hui; Zhu, Zhiguang; Huang, Rui; Zhang, Y. H. Percival (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-11-02)
      Engineering the coenzyme specificity of redox enzymes plays an important role in metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and biocatalysis, but it has rarely been applied to bioelectrochemistry. Here we develop a rational ...
    • Virginia Forest Landowner Update, Fall 2017 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2017)
      A quarterly publication with a list of events, news, and information promoting the stewardship of Virginia's natural resources.
    • Food Digest : 2017 

      Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology Department (Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology Department, 2017)
      Message from the Department Head: Greetings, I write this in the quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s. I do not know if the Hokies will win their bowl game, but I do know this will be the 24th consecutive bowl ...
    • Program : 71st Annual Convention : 2017 Virginia State Feed Association & Nutritional Management “Cow” College 

      Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science (Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science, 2017-02)
      This document is the program - which contains a list of presenters, the titles of their presentations, and the times of these presentations - for the 71st Annual Convention of the 2017 Virginia State Feed Association ...
    • Thermo-Magneto-Electric Generator Arrays for Active Heat Recovery System 

      Chun, Jinsung; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Kang, Min-Gyu; Kang, Han Byul; Kishore, Ravi Anant; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2017-02-01)
      Continued emphasis on development of thermal cooling systems is being placed that can cycle low grade heat. Examples include solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and data storage servers. The power efficiency of ...
    • Mid-Atlantic Secure Milk Supply 

      Paulson, Eric (Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science, 2017-02-15)
      This presentation, which was given on February 15th during the 71st Annual Convention : 2017 Virginia State Feed Association & Nutritional Management “Cow” College, covers the following topics: FMD = National animal health ...
    • Veterinary Feed Directive: Welcome to 2017 

      Mills, Angela (Virginia Tech. Department of Dairy Science, 2017-02-15)
      The regulatory environment changed January 1, 2017 for producers who wish to continue to use certain antibiotics in feed & water for animals. - Education is key to understanding the rules and how to maintain compliance. - ...