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    • Association of Blood Biomarkers With Acute Sport-Related Concussion in Collegiate Athletes: Findings From the NCAA and Department of Defense CARE Consortium 

      McCrea, Michael; Broglio, Steven P.; McAllister, Thomas W.; Gill, Jessica; Giza, Christopher C.; Huber, Daniel L.; Harezlak, Jaroslaw; Cameron, Kenneth L.; Houston, Megan N.; McGinty, Gerald; Jackson, Jonathan C.; Guskiewicz, Kevin; Mihalik, Jason; Brooks, M. Alison; Duma, Stephan; Rowson, Steven; Nelson, Lindsay D.; Pasquina, Paul; Meier, Timothy B.; Foroud, Tatiana; Katz, Barry P.; Saykin, Andrew J.; Campbell, Darren E.; Svoboda, Steven J.; Goldman, Joshua; DiFiori, Jon (2020-01-24)
      Question Is sport-related concussion associated with levels of traumatic brain injury biomarkers in collegiate athletes? Findings In this case-control study of 504 collegiate athletes with concussion, contact sport control ...