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    • Quantifying Interhospital Patient Sharing as a Mechanism for Infectious Disease Spread 

      Huang, Susan S.; Avery, Takuser R.; Song, Yeohan H.; Elkins, Kristen R.; Nguyen, Christopher C.; Nutter, Sandra K.; Nafday, Alaka. A.; Condon, Curtis J.; Chang, Michael T.; Chrest, David; Boos, John; Bobashev, Georgiy; Wheaton, William; Frank, Steven A.; Platt, Richard; Lipsitch, Marc; Bush, Robin M.; Eubank, Stephen; Burke, Donald S.; Lee, Bruce Y. (University of Chicago Press, 2010-11)
      BACKGROUND. Assessments of infectious disease spread in hospitals seldom account for interfacility patient sharing. This is particularly important for pathogens with prolonged incubation periods or carrier states. METHODS. ...