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    • A Static Assurance Analysis of Android Applications 

      Elish, Karim O.; Yao, Danfeng (Daphne); Ryder, Barbara G.; Jiang, Xuxian (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2013-07-11), TR-13-03
      We describe an efficient approach to identify malicious Android applications through specialized static program analysis. Our solution – referred to as user intention program dependence analysis – performs offline analysis ...
    • Storytelling Security: User-Intention Based Traffic Sanitization 

      Xiong, Huijun; Yao, Danfeng (Daphne); Zhang, Zhibin (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2010-12-01), TR-10-15
      Malicious software (malware) with decentralized communication infrastructure, such as peer-to-peer botnets, is difficult to detect. In this paper, we describe a traffic-sanitization method for identifying malware-triggered ...
    • Strategic Cyber Maneuver 

      Brantly, Aaron F. (Small Wars Foundation, 2017-10-17)
      Maneuver warfare is an integral part of the strategy, tactics and operations of the United States military, but what does it mean to maneuver in cyberspace? Maneuvering with an army is advantageous; with an ...
    • Strengthening MT6D Defenses with LXC-Based Honeypot Capabilities 

      Basam, Dileep; Ransbottom, J. Scot; Marchany, Randy; Tront, Joseph G. (Hindawi, 2016-04-20)
      Moving Target IPv6 Defense (MT6D) imparts radio-frequency hopping behavior to IPv6 networks by having participating nodes periodically hop onto new addresses while giving up old addresses. Our previous research efforts ...
    • The Mobile Privacy-Security Knowledge Gap Model: Understanding Behaviors 

      Crossler, Robert E.; Bélanger, France (Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2017-01-04)
      Increasing collection of individuals’ information has led to several security and privacy issues, such as identity theft and targeted marketing. These risks are further heightened in the mobile realm as data collection can ...
    • Towards Optimal Secure Distributed Storage Systems with Exact Repair 

      Tandon, Ravi; Amuru, SaiDhiraj; Clancy, T. Charles; Buehrer, R. Michael (IEEE, 2016-06)
      Distributed storage systems in the presence of a wiretapper are considered. A distributed storage system (DSS) is parameterized by three parameters (𝑛, 𝑘, 𝑑), in which a file stored across n distributed nodes, can be ...
    • Trust Management of Smart Service Communities 

      Al-Hamadi, Hamid; Chen, Ing-Ray; Cho, Jin-Hee (IEEE, 2019)
      In this paper, the notion of a smart service community is proposed to address the grand challenge of a huge number of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices providing similar services in a smart city environment (e.g., ...
    • Twitter Use During an Emergency Event: The Case of UT Austin Shooting 

      Li, Lin T.; Yang, Seungwon; Kavanaugh, Andrea L.; Fox, Edward A.; Sheetz, Steven D.; Shoemaker, Donald J. (2011-06-01)
      This poster presents one of our efforts developed in the context of Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (CTRnet) project. One of our derived works from this project is the use of social media by government to respond to ...
    • Understanding the Dark Web and its Implications for Policy (flyer) 

      Jardine, Eric (Virginia Tech, 2018-05-18)
      How to deal with the negative excesses of the Dark Web and other anonymity-granting technologies without harming those who use these tools for benign activities is one of today’s most pressing policy challenges. This ...
    • Understanding the Dark Web and its Implications for Policy (program) 

      Jardine, Eric (Virginia Tech, 2018-05-18)
      The program includes the agenda, speakers, and sponsors.
    • Unearthing Stealthy Program Attacks Buried in Extremely Long Execution Paths 

      Shu, Xiaokui; Yao, Danfeng (Daphne); Ramakrishnan, Naren (ACM, 2015-10)
      Modern stealthy exploits can achieve attack goals without introducing illegal control flows, e.g., tampering with noncontrol data and waiting for the modified data to propagate and alter the control flow legally. Existing ...
    • Unsupervised Spatial Event Detection in Targeted Domains with Applications to Civil Unrest Modeling 

      Zhao, L; Chen, F; Dai, J; Hua, T; Lu, C-T; Ramakrishnan, N (PLOS, 2014-10-28)
    • User Intention-Based Traffic Dependence Analysis for Anomaly Detection 

      Zhang, Hao; Banick, William; Yao, Danfeng (Daphne); Ramakrishnan, Naren (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2012), TR-12-07
      This paper describes an approach for enforcing dependencies between network traffic and user activities for anomaly detection. We present a framework and algorithms that analyze user actions and network events on a host ...
    • User-Behavior Based Detection of Infection Onset 

      Xu, Kui; Yao, Danfeng (Daphne); Ma, Qiang; Crowell, Alexander (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2010), TR-10-09
      A major vector of computer infection is through exploiting software or design flaws in networked applications such as the browser. Malicious code can be fetched and executed on a victim’s machine without the user’s permission, ...
    • User-Centric Dependence Analysis For Identifying Malicious Mobile Apps 

      Elish, Karim O.; Yao, Danfeng (Daphne); Ryder, Barbara G. (IEEE, 2012)
      This paper describes an efficient approach for identifying malicious Android mobile applications through specialized static program analysis. Our solution performs offline analysis and enforces the normal properties of ...
    • Virtual Secure Circuit: Porting Dual-Rail Pre-charge Technique into Software on Multicore 

      Chen, Zhimin; Schaumont, Patrick Robert (Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2010)
      This paper discusses a novel direction for multicore cryptographic software, namely the use of multicore to protect a design against side-channel attacks.We present a technique which is based on the principle of dual-rail ...
    • Vulnerability of LTE to Hostile Interference 

      Lichtman, Marc; Reed, Jeffrey H.; Clancy, T. Charles; Norton, Mark (Ieee, 2013-01-01)
      LTE is well on its way to becoming the primary cellular standard, due to its performance and low cost. Over the next decade we will become dependent on LTE, which is why we must ensure it is secure and available when we ...