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    • 3D printed graphene-based self-powered strain sensors for smart tires in autonomous vehicles 

      Maurya, Deepam; Khaleghian, Seyedmeysam; Sriramdas, Rammohan; Kumar, Prashant; Kishore, Ravi Anant; Kang, Min-Gyu; Kumar, Vireshwar; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Lee, Seul-Yi; Yan, Yongke; Park, Jung-Min (Jerry); Taheri, Saied; Priya, Shashank (2020-10-26)
      The transition of autonomous vehicles into fleets requires an advanced control system design that relies on continuous feedback from the tires. Smart tires enable continuous monitoring of dynamic parameters by combining ...
    • A Framework for Occupancy Tracking in a Building via Structural Dynamics Sensing of Footstep Vibrations 

      Poston, Jeffrey D.; Buehrer, R. Michael; Tarazaga, Pablo Alberto (Frontiers, 2017-11-06)
      Counting the number of occupants in building areas over time—occupancy tracking— provides valuable information for responding to emergencies, optimizing thermal conditions or managing personnel. This capability is distinct ...
    • Adoption of High-Performance Housing Technologies Among U.S. Homebuilding Firms, 2000 Through 2010 

      McCoy, Andrew P.; Koebel, C. Theodore; Sanderford, Andrew R.; Franck, Christopher T.; Keefe, Matthew J. (HUD, 2015)
      This article describes foundational processes of a larger project examining U.S. home builders’ choices to adopt innovative housing technologies that improve the environmental performance of new single-family homes. Home ...
    • AERIS : Eco-Vehicle Speed Control at Signalized Intersections Using I2V Communication 

      Rakha, Hesham A.; Kamalanathsharma, Raj Kishore; Ahn, Kyoungho (United States. Joint Program Office for Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2012-06)
      This report concentrates on a velocity advisory tool, or decision support system, for vehicles approaching an intersection using communication capabilities between the infrastructure and vehicles. The system uses available ...
    • Agent-Based Game Theory Modeling for Driverless Vehicles at Intersections 

      Rakha, Hesham A.; Zohdy, Ismail H.; Kamalanathsharma, Raj Kishore (United States. Department of Transportation, 2013-02-19)
      This report presents three research efforts that were published in various journals. The first research effort presents a reactive-driving agent based algorithm for modeling driver left turn gap acceptance behavior at ...
    • Ambient ammonia synthesis via palladium-catalyzed electrohydrogenation of dinitrogen at low overpotential 

      Wang, Jun; Yu, Liang; Hu, Lin; Chen, Gang; Xin, Hongliang; Feng, Xiaofeng (Springer Nature, 2018-05-15)
      Electrochemical reduction of N2 to NH3 provides an alternative to the Haber−Bosch process for sustainable, distributed production of NH3 when powered by renewable electricity. However, the development of such process has ...
    • Applications of Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Technologies to Enhance Transit Service Efficiency and Safety, Part 1 

      Hancock, Kathleen L. (Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center (CVI-UTC), 2016-09-30)
      Implementing Connected Vehicle Infrastructure (CVI) applications for handheld devices into public transportation transit systems would provide transit agencies and their users with two-directional information flow from ...
    • Applications of Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Technologies to Enhance Transit Service Efficiency and Safety, Part 2 

      Lee, Young-Jae; Thomas, Clayton; Dadvar, Seyedehsan (Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center (CVI-UTC), 2016-09-30)
      Many transit agencies provide real-time operational information and trip-planning tools through phone, Web, and smartphone applications. These services utilize a one-way information flow from transit agencies to transit ...
    • Assessment of a Drowsy Driver Warning System for Heavy Vehicle Drivers: Final Report 

      Olson, Rebecca Lynn; Morgan, Justin F.; Hanowski, Richard J.; Daily, Brian; Zimmermann, Richard P.; Blanco, Myra; Bocanegra, Joseph L.; Fitch, Gregory M.; Flintsch, Alejandra Medina (United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2008)
      Drowsiness has a globally negative impact on performance, slowing reaction time, decreasing situational awareness, and impairing judgment. A field operational test of an early prototype Drowsy Driver Warning System was ...
    • An Assessment of Quiet Vehicles and Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety 

      Alden, Andrew S. (National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence, 2014-07-28)
      The primary intent of this report is to provide a comprehensive and concise overview of the apparent safety issues presented to pedestrians and pedalcyclists by the operation of quiet vehicles on roadways. The report ...
    • Automated Vehicle Crash Rate Comparison Using Naturalistic Data 

      Blanco, Myra; Atwood, Jon; Russell, Sheldon M.; Trimble, Tammy E.; McClafferty, Julie A.; Perez, Miguel A. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 2016-01-08)
      This study assessed driving risk for the United States nationally and for the Google Self-Driving Car project. Driving safety on public roads was examined in three ways. The total crash rates for the Self-Driving Car and ...
    • Autonomous Emergency Navigation to a Safe Roadside Location 

      Furukawa, Tomonari; Zuo, Lei; Parker, Robert G.; Yang, Lisheng (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National University Transportation Center, 2020-11)
      In this project, we developed essential modules for achieving the proposed autonomous emergency navigation function for an automated vehicle. We investigated and designed sensing solutions for safe roadside location ...
    • Bioinspired Tracking Control of High Speed Nonholonomic Ground Vehicles 

      Shoemaker, Adam; Leonessa, Alexander (Hindawi, 2015-10-04)
      The behavior of nature’s predators is considered for designing a high speed tracking controller for nonholonomic vehicles, whose dynamicsare represented using a unicycle model. To ensure that the vehicle behaves intuitively ...
    • The CEHMS Chronicle, April 2014 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2014-04)
      This is the quarterly newsletter for the Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems.
    • The CEHMS Chronicle, November 2013 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2013-11)
      This is the quarterly newsletter for the Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems.
    • Choices and Challenges 2019: Self-driving Cars in the New River Valley 

      Choices and Challenges (Virginia Tech, 2019-04-04)
      The Choices and Challenges Forum brochure includes a schedule of events held April 4, 2019, at the Inn at Virginia Tech. This event seeks to explore the choices we still face and the challenges raised by the potential ...
    • City-Wide Eco-Routing Navigation Considering Vehicular Communication Impacts 

      Elbery, Ahmed; Rakha, Hesham A. (MDPI, 2019-01-12)
      Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) utilize Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) to collect, disseminate, and share data with the Traffic Management Center (TMC) and different actuators. Consequently, packet drop and ...
    • A collaboration workflow from sound-based composition to performance of electroacoustic music using «Pure Data» as a framework. 

      Tsoukalas, Kyriakos D. (Bauhaus Universitat Weimer, 2011-08)
      This paper describes a workflow for composers, engineers and performers to collaborate, using Pure Data (PD) as a framework, towards the design of electroacoustic musical instruments intended for live performances of ...
    • Connected Motorcycle Crash Warning Interfaces 

      Song, Miao; McLaughlin, Shane B.; Doerzaph, Zachary R. (Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center (CVI-UTC), 2016-01-15)
      Crash warning systems have been deployed in the high-end vehicle market segment for some time and are trickling down to additional motor vehicle industry segments each year. The motorcycle segment, however, has no deployed ...
    • Connected Motorcycle System Performance 

      Viray, Reginald; Noble, Alexandria M.; Doerzaph, Zachary R.; McLaughlin, Shane B. (Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center (CVI-UTC), 2016-01-15)
      This project characterized the performance of Connected Vehicle Systems (CVS) on motorcycles based on two key components: global positioning and wireless communication systems. Considering that Global Positioning System ...