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    • Designing an Honors Peer Advising Center 

      Smith, Amber Zoe (European Honors Council, 2017-10-18)

      ...As we transition from honors program to college, our services are growing in scope and complexity, as are our responsibilities. We need a new way to provide reliable, personalized honors student support.

      Learning ...

    • Discussion Facilitation Techniques for Honors Peer Educators 

      Smith, Amber Zoe (European Honors Council (EHC), 2017-04-28)
      In the Virginia Tech Honors College, honors peer educators are students who apply to be the sole instructors for discussion-based classes, such as first-year seminars and reading seminars, for academic credit (Smith, 2016). ...
    • Supporting Peer Educators in First-Year Honors Seminars at Virginia Tech 

      Smith, Amber Zoe (Michigan State University, in partnership with Pennsylvania State University and the Honors Education at Research Universities biennial conference, 2016)
      First-year seminars help students transition to and get involved in college faster, which can result in higher academic achievement, stronger peer relationships, and deeper self-knowledge: elements of a more successful and ...