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    • Calcineurin activation influences muscle phenotype in a muscle-specific fashion 

      Talmadge, Robert J; Otis, Jeffrey S; Rittler, Matthew R; Garcia, Nicole D; Spencer, Shelly R; Lees, Simon J; Naya, Francisco J (2004-07-28)
      Abstract Background The calcium activated protein phosphatase 2B, also known as calcineurin, has been implicated as a cell signaling molecule involved with transduction of physiological signals (free cytosolic Ca2+) into ...
    • Functional overload attenuates plantaris atrophy in tumor-bearing rats 

      Otis, Jeffrey S; Lees, Simon J; Williams, Jay H (2007-08-02)
      Abstract Background Late stage cancer malignancies may result in severe skeletal muscle wasting, fatigue and reduced quality of life. Resistance training may attenuate these derangements in cancer patients, but how this ...