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    • Air Pollution in Urban Areas 

      Skelley, Caroline; Luttazi, Sydney; Dennis, Kennedy; Frederick, Julia; Greene, Gershwin (2021-05-05)
      The goal of this project was to explore the impact of air pollution in urban areas by relaying information in the format of an Instagram page in order to reach, educate, and inspire the audience of young urban populations ...
    • Children’s Book: Life Before the GND 

      Rouse, Maddie; Bernstein, Anna; Smith, Caroline; Thomas, Teresa; Maestrello, Savannah (2021-05-05)
      The benefits of the Green New Deal (GND), proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, need to be spread equally, with the most historically marginalized groups being the main beneficiaries. For too long, vulnerable communities ...
    • Green Energy Transition in West Virginia 

      Frazier, Elizabeth; Jiang, Leon; Ogle, William; Taylor, Kristen (2021-05-05)
      Historically, West Virginia has had a large dependency on coal, both for energy and wealth generation (West Virginia State Profile and Energy Estimates, 2020). Rural communities in the area often rely on coal industries ...