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    • What to know before forecasting the flu 

      Chakraborty, Prithwish; Lewis, Bryan L.; Eubank, Stephen; Brownstein, John S.; Marathe, Madhav; Ramakrishnan, Naren (PLOS, 2018-10-12)
      Accurate and timely influenza (flu) forecasting has gained significant traction in recent times. If done well, such forecasting can aid in deploying effective public health measures. Unlike other statistical or machine ...
    • Collaborative efforts to forecast seasonal influenza in the United States, 2015–2016 

      McGowan, C.J.; Biggerstaff, M.; Johansson, M.; Apfeldorf, K.M.; Ben-Nun, M.; Brooks, L.; Convertino, M.; Erraguntla, M.; Farrow, D.C.; Freeze, J.; Ghosh, S.; Hyun, S.; Kandula, S.; Lega, J.; Liu, Y.; Michaud, N.; Morita, H.; Niemi, J.; Ramakrishnan, Naren; Ray, E.L.; Reich, N.G.; Riley, P.; Shaman, J.; Tibshirani, R.; Vespignani, A.; Zhang, Q.; Reed, C.; Rosenfeld, R.; Ulloa, N.; Will, K.; Turtle, J.; Bacon, D.; Riley, S.; Yang, W.; The Influenza Forecasting Working Group (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-01-24)
      Since 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has hosted an annual influenza season forecasting challenge. The 2015–2016 challenge consisted of weekly probabilistic forecasts of multiple targets, including ...