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    • Christiansburg Institute 

      Fralin, Scott; Finney, Trevor; Cline, David; Ogle, Todd; Tucker, Thomas (Virginia Tech, 2016-08-22)
      This exhibit features work from Virginia Tech's Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies and computer science, education, and public history programs and an app developed around the history of the CI called CI-Spy. ...
    • Claim Your Space: Projects from English 3764 Technical Writing 

      Fralin, Scott; Kulak, Andrew (Virginia Tech, 2018-12-03)
      Poster and paper exhibit featuring the coursework of English 3764 Technical Writing. This semester, students in two sections of Technical Writing collaborated on course projects exploring intersections of space and student ...
    • Computational Thinking and Digital Sound Manipulation 

      Kafura, Dennis; Lyon, Eric; Bart, Cory; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2015-08-19)
      Collection of videos and presentations student made to explore the ideas and methodology of computational thinking and practice the techniques for synthesizing, performing, and transforming sounds using freely available ...
    • Course-based exhibitions: Serendipity in the physical and digital spaces of academic libraries 

      Fralin, Scott; Rogers, Alice (2019-09-18)
      Library exhibition practices vary significantly between institutions, depending on expertise, resources, and goals of the individual library. The University Libraries at Virginia Tech have supported and developed two ...
    • Covert Coloring 

      Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2017-04-18)
      An interactive exhibit, pop-up coloring station to serve as stress relief for students and faculty during finals time. 2017/04/18 - 2017/05/15
    • Creative Code 

      Fralin, Scott; Duer, Zach (Virginia Tech, 2018-01-29)
      Visual art exhibit featuring works created by undergraduate students in the course ART 3704, Creative Code, wherein students used the rapid-prototyping programming language Processing1 to create the artworks in this exhibit ...
    • Exhibit on Asian America 

      Fralin, Scott; Nguyen, Quynh; Lian, Joseph; Kim, Michelle; Lumba, Allan; Phan, Jenna; Sano-Franchini, Jennifer (Virginia Tech, 2019-04-08)
      This exhibit was created as an introduction to the history, culture, politics, activism, and social contexts of the experiences of Asian Americans. Especially during Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, we want ...
    • Fair Use Week Exhibit and Event Toolkit 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita R.; Sebek, Robert; Fralin, Scott; Gilbertson, Keith (Virginia Tech, 2016-02-22)
      In Fall 2015, the Open Knowledge Committee of Virginia Tech’s University Libraries decided to participate in Fair Use Week 2016. This was our first time participating. We put a call out and gathered a planning group. Our ...
    • Favorite Poem Video Project 

      Fralin, Scott; Voros, Gyorgyi (Virginia Tech, 2016-04-04)
      Compilation of videos created by students in English 1604: Introduction to Poetry. The instructions for the project were for students to choose a poem that especially resonated with them, to read or recite it on video, and ...
    • The Gerrymander: The politics of redistricting 

      Fralin, Scott; Winling, LaDale (Virginia Tech, 2019-04-15)
      Gerrymandering is as old as Congress itself. Patrick Henry, the anti-federalist governor of Virginia, drew a Congressional district from five counties -- Orange, Albemarle, Spotsylvania, Louisa, and Culpeper -- to try to ...
    • Graphic Medicine 

      Fralin, Scott; Smith, Erin (Virginia Tech, 2019-03-18)
      Book exhibit featuring graphic novels that tell personal stories of health and illness. 2019/03/18 - 2019/08/04
    • The Hallmarks of Cancer 

      Sible, Jill; Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2013-10-12)
      Selected final projects created by undergraduate student teams for the spring 2013 section of BIOL 4874, Cancer Biology. Students were asked to demonstrate deep understanding of and add value to the Hallmarks of Cancer. ...
    • Hip Hop @ VT 

      Fralin, Scott; Foutch, Mallory; Arthur, Craig E.; Harrison, Anthony Kwame; Paige, Freddy; Luu, Eric; Downing, Juel (Virginia Tech, 2018-08-20)
      This exhibit is a broad overview of Hip Hop at Virginia Tech. It includes materials from classes taught on Hip Hop, showcases the work of the VT Digging in the Crates team, examples of the type of art that has been generated ...
    • History of the LGBTQ Civil Rights Movement 

      Fralin, Scott; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony (Virginia Tech, 2017-10-13)
      Exhibit following the inspiring journey of the LGBTQ civil rights movement through photos, stories, and news clippings. 2017/10/13 - 2017/12/21
    • Hybrid Forms, English Capstone Projects 

      Fralin, Scott; Vollmer, Matthew (Virginia Tech, 2017-05-03)
      Exhibit highlighting the final projects of students in the creative writing capstone class: Hybrid Forms. Genres dictate the shape, sound, and appearance of our information. And, by setting parameters, defining boundaries, ...
    • In Service Day Art Piece 

      Fralin, Scott (Virginia Tech, 2018-05-14)
      Art exhibit created by University Libraries employees on their biennial Service Day. This is a day when all 180+ employees of the libraries come together to participate in team-building activities and attend workshops or ...
    • Individual Student Fungi Research 

      Fralin, Scott; Corrigan, Alex (Virginia Tech, 2017-04-17)
      Research poster exhibit created by an honors student in Mysterious Mushrooms & Malicious Molds class which serves as a kind of community outreach project. The exhibit includes information on the basics of what a fungi is, ...
    • Innovation Pathways Minor 

      Fralin, Scott; McNair, Lisa; Junkunc, Marc; Baum, Liesl; Zacharias, Kari (Virginia Tech, 2016-03-25)
      Informative exhibit featuring courses from the Innovation Pathways minor. The Innovation Minor is a step towards an interdisciplinary learning experience where students can study innovation and ideation techniques and be ...
    • International Street Fair Mural 

      Fralin, Scott; Ebert, Matt; Kelinsky, Lia (Virginia Tech, 2018-04-22)
      These two murals reflect the collective experience of the attendees of Virginia Tech’s annual International Street Fair on April 22nd, 2018. Families, students, faculty, staff, and community members all contributed to their ...
    • Is It a Fair Use? A Hands-On Discussion 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Walz, Anita R. (2016-02)
      This workshop was provided for instructors, researchers, and library employees; in-person and online, as well as being open to the general public (in-person and online) during Fair Use Week 2016. In each workshop session, ...