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    • Assessing Alternate Approaches for Conveying Automated Vehicle ‘Intentions’ 

      Basantis, Alexis; Miller, Marty; Doerzaph, Zachary; Neurauter, Luke (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National UTC, 2020-05)
      One of the biggest highly automated vehicle (HAV) market barriers may be a lack of user trust in the automated driving system itself. Research has shown that this lack of faith in the system primarily stems from a lack of ...
    • Formalizing Human Machine Communication in the Context of Autonomous Vehicles 

      Gopalswamy, Swaminathan; Saripalli, Srikanth; Shell, Dylan; Hickman, Jeff; Hsu, Ya-Chuan (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National University Transportation Center, 2020-05)
      There are many situations where tacit communication between drivers and pedestrians governs and enhances safety. The goal of this study was to formalize this communication and apply it to the driving strategy of an autonomous ...
    • Identification of Railroad Requirements for the Future Automated and Connected Vehicle (AV/CV) Environment 

      Morgan, Curtis A.; Warner, Jeffery E.; Lee, Dahye; Florence, David (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National University Transportation Center, 2020-06)
      The Federal Rail Administration (FRA) Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Inventory database from 2019 states that there are approximately 127,000 public, at-grade highway-rail grade crossings in the U.S. Despite this large number ...
    • Response of Autonomous Vehicles to Emergency Response Vehicles (RAVEV) 

      Nayak, Abhishek; Rathinam, Sivakumar; Gopalswamy, Swaminathan (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National UTC, 2020-06)
      The objective of this project was to explore how an autonomous vehicle identifies and safely responds to emergency vehicles using visual and other onboard sensors. Emergency vehicles can include police, fire, hospital and ...
    • Development of Analytic Method to Determine Weaving Patterns for Safety Analysis near Freeway Interchanges with Access Management Treatments 

      Dastgiri, Maryam Shirinzadeh; Dixon, Karen K. (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National UTC, 2020-07)
      Urban arterials near freeway interchanges are vital elements of urban road infrastructures. They connect freeway network with high mobility and low access to urban network with lower mobility and higher access. This study ...
    • Big Data Visualization and Spatiotemporal Modeling of Risky Driving 

      Jahangiri, Arash; Marks, Charles; Machiani, Sahar Ghanipoor; Nara, Atsushi; Hasani, Mahdie; Cordova, Eduardo; Tsou, Ming-Hsiang; Starner, Joshua (SAFE-D: Safety Through Disruption National UTC, 2020-07)
      Statistical evidence shows the role of risky driving as a contributing factor in roadway collisions, highlighting the importance of identifying such driving behavior. With the advent of new technologies, vehicle kinematic ...