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    • CATY: an ASN.1-C++ translator in support of distributed object-oriented applications 

      Long, Wendy (Virginia Tech, 1994-04-15)
      When heterogeneous computers exchange data over a network, they must agree on a common interpretation of the data. The OSI suite of protocols includes a standard notation, Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1), for describing ...
    • A data analysis software tool for the visual simulation environment 

      Tuglu, Ali (Virginia Tech, 1995)
      The objective of the research described herein is to develop a prototype data analysis software tool integrated within the Visual Simulation Environment (VSE). The VSE is an integrated set of software tools that provide ...
    • The development of a CHAID-based model for CHITRA93 

      Cadiz, Horacio T. (Virginia Tech, 1994-02-14)
      The complexity of the behavior of parallel and distributed programs is the major reason for the difficulties in the analysis and diagnosis of their performance. Complex systems such as these have frequently been studied ...