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dc.contributor.authorHoisington, Alicia
dc.description.abstractBusiness travelers can be the bread and butter for many hotels. But as the workforce continues to evolve, these road warriors are also shifting their wants and needs. Fortunately, new research gives us insight into what these travelers want from their stays so that hoteliers can take cues and capitalize. The good news is that it’s not all groans when employees need to travel for work. According to Travelport’s "U.S. Business Traveler & Travel Policy 2018" survey, four out of five people like to travel for work. That sets a positive tone for travelers, with many willing to further open their wallets beyond what their companies shell out. Even better, 57 percent of those surveyed said their 2018 business-travel budget is larger than it was last year. The respondents comprised mainly business travelers from ages 22 to 37 (57 percent). Twenty-eight percent of people were aged 38 to 53, while 15 percent were ages 54 to 72.en_US
dc.publisherHotel Managementen_US
dc.subjectbusiness travelersen_US
dc.titleThis is what today’s business travelers want from hotelsen_US

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