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    • A transcriptional regulatory network of Rsv3- mediated extreme resistance against Soybean mosaic virus 

      DeMers, Lindsay C.; Redekar, Neelam R.; Kachroo, Aardra; Tolin, Sue A.; Li, Song; Maroo, M.A. Saghai (PLOS, 2020-04-21)
      Resistance genes are an effective means for disease control in plants. They predominantly function by inducing a hypersensitive reaction, which results in localized cell death restricting pathogen spread. Some resistance ...
    • Soybean Amino Acids in Health, Genetics, and Evaluation 

      Singer, William Monte; Zhang, Bo; Mian, M.A. Rouf; Huan, Haibo (IntechOpen, 2019)
      Soybean is an important source of protein and amino acids for humans and livestock because of its well-balanced amino acid profile. This chapter outlines the strengths and weaknesses of soybean as a complete amino acid ...
    • Lamb performance in hardwood silvopastures, I: animal gains and forage measures in summer 

      Pent, Gabriel J.; Greiner, Scott P.; Munsell, John F.; Tracy, Benjamin F.; Fike, John H. (Oxford University Press, 2019-09-13)
      The integration of trees into pasture systems can have variable effects on forage and animal growth. Some reports of these systems have indicated that animal gains are similar or better even when tree presence lowers forage ...
    • Soybean Production, Versatility, and Improvement 

      Shea, Zachary; Singer, William M.; Zhang, B (IntechOpen, 2020)
      Soybean is one of the most widely planted and used legumes in the world due to its valuable seed composition. The many significant agronomic practices that are utilized in soybean production are highlighted with an emphasis ...
    • Backbone Interactions Between Transcriptional Activator ExsA and Anti-Activator ExsD Facilitate Regulation of the Type III Secretion System in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

      Shrestha, Manisha; Bernhards, Robert C.; Fu, Yichen; Ryan, Kylie; Schubot, Florian D. (Springer Nature, 2020)
      The type III secretion system (T3SS) is a pivotal virulence mechanism of many Gram-negative bacteria. During infection, the syringe-like T3SS injects cytotoxic proteins directly into the eukaryotic host cell cytoplasm. In ...
    • Multiple immunity-related genes control susceptibility of Arabidopsis thaliana to the parasitic weed Phelipanche aegyptiaca 

      Clarke, Christopher R.; Park, So-Yon; Tuosto, Robert; Jia, Xiaoyan; Yoder, Amanda; Van Mullekom, Jennifer; Westwood, James (2020-06-08)
      Parasitic weeds represent a major threat to agricultural production across the world. Little is known about which host genetic pathways determine compatibility for any host-parasitic plant interaction. We developed a ...
    • Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus V2 Protein Plays a Critical Role in the Nuclear Export of V1 Protein and Viral Systemic Infection 

      Zhao, Wenhao; Wu, Shuhua; Barton, Elizabeth; Fan, Yongjian; Ji, Yinghua; Wang, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Yijun (2020-06-10)
      Geminiviruses are an important group of circular, single-stranded DNA viruses that cause devastating diseases in crops. Geminiviruses replicate their genomic DNA in the nucleus and the newly synthesized viral DNA is ...
    • Genetic interactions regulating seed phytate and oligosaccharides in soybean (Glycine max L.) 

      Redekar, Neelam R.; Glover, Natasha M.; Biyashev, Ruslan M.; Ha, Bo-Keun; Raboy, Victor; Maroof, M. A. Saghai (2020-06-25)
      Two low-phytate soybean (Glycine max(L.) Merr.) mutant lines- V99-5089 (mipsmutation on chromosome 11) and CX-1834 (mrp-landmrp-nmutations on chromosomes 19 and 3, respectively) have proven to be valuable resources for ...
    • LINbase: a web server for genome-based identification of prokaryotes as members of crowdsourced taxa 

      Tian, Long; Huang, Chengjie; Mazloom, Reza; Heath, Lenwood S.; Vinatzer, Boris A. (Oxford University Press, 2020-03-30)
      High throughput DNA sequencing in combination with efficient algorithms could provide the basis for a highly resolved, genome phylogeny-based and digital prokaryotic taxonomy. However, current taxonomic practice continues ...
    • Science questions and knowledge gaps to study microbial transport and survival in Asian and African dust plumes reaching North America 

      Schuerger, Andrew C.; Smith, David J.; Griffin, Dale W.; Jaffe, Daniel A.; Wawrik, Boris; Burrows, Susannah M.; Christner, Brent C.; Gonzalez-Martin, Cristina; Lipp, Erin K.; Schmale, David G., III; Yu, Hongbin (2018-12)
      The Sahara in North Africa and the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts in Asia are the primary sources of mobilized dust in the atmosphere, with regional or global airborne transport estimated at 2 to 5 billion tonnes per year. ...
    • Salt Stress Signals on Demand: Cellular Events in the Right Context 

      Ismail, Ahmed; El-Sharkawy, Islam; Sherif, Sherif (MDPI, 2020-05-30)
      Plant stress is a real dilemma; it puzzles plant biologists and is a global problem that negatively affects people’s daily lives. Of particular interest is salinity, because it represents one of the major water-related ...
    • Changes in belowground biodiversity during ecosystem development 

      Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Bardgett, Richard D.; Vitousek, Peter M.; Maestre, Fernando T.; Williams, Mark A.; Eldridge, David J.; Lambers, Hans; Neuhauser, Sigrid; Gallardo, Antonio; Garcia-Velazquez, Laura; Sala, Osvaldo E.; Abades, Sebastian R.; Alfaro, Fernando D.; Berhe, Asmeret A.; Bowker, Matthew A.; Currier, Courtney M.; Cutler, Nick A.; Hart, Stephen C.; Hayes, Patrick E.; Hseu, Zeng-Yei; Kirchmair, Martin; Pena-Ramirez, Victor M.; Perez, Cecilia A.; Reed, Sasha C.; Santos, Fernanda; Siebe, Christina; Sullivan, Benjamin W.; Weber-Grullon, Luis; Fierer, Noah (2019-04-02)
      Belowground organisms play critical roles in maintaining multiple ecosystem processes, including plant productivity, decomposition, and nutrient cycling. Despite their importance, however, we have a limited understanding ...
    • Species traits predict stream-fish invaders in an Appalachian (USA) river basin 

      Buckwalter, Joseph D.; Frimpong, Emmanuel A.; Angermeier, Paul L.; Barney, Jacob (2020-03)
      We compared the influence of biological traits (morphology, physiology, reproduction, and life history), ecological traits (geographic distribution, habitat associations, food habits), and introduction attributes (propagule ...
    • SPES E-News, May 1, 2020 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech. School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2020-05-01)
      This is the newsletter for the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.
    • SPES E-News, March 16, 2020 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech. School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2020-03-16)
      This is the newsletter for the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.
    • SPES E-News, April 16, 2020 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech. School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2020-04-16)
      This is the newsletter for the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.
    • Multiple elements of soil biodiversity drive ecosystem functions across biomes 

      Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Reich, Peter B.; Trivedi, Chanda; Eldridge, David J.; Abades, Sebastian; Alfaro, Fernando D.; Bastida, Felipe; Berhe, Asmeret A.; Cutler, Nick A.; Gallardo, Antonio; Garcia-Velazquez, Laura; Hart, Stephen C.; Hayes, Patrick E.; He, Ji-Zheng; Hseu, Zeng-Yei; Hu, Hang-Wei; Kirchmair, Martin; Neuhauser, Sigrid; Perez, Cecilia A.; Reed, Sasha C.; Santos, Fernanda; Sullivan, Benjamin W.; Trivedi, Pankaj; Wang, Jun-Tao; Weber-Grullon, Luis; Williams, Mark A.; Singh, Brajesh K. (2020-02)
      The role of soil biodiversity in regulating multiple ecosystem functions is poorly understood, limiting our ability to predict how soil biodiversity loss might affect human wellbeing and ecosystem sustainability. Here, ...
    • Expression of pathogenicity and virulence related genes in Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae under copper stress 

      Vasebi, Yalda; Khakvar, Reza; Faghihi, Mohammad Mehdi; Vinatzer, Boris A. (2020-01)
      Stone fruit bacterial canker is one of the most destructive diseases of apricot in Iran. Copper-based compounds are widely used to protect plants against bacterial diseases, but pathogens frequently evolve resistance against ...
    • A database for global soil health assessment 

      Jian, Jinshi; Du, Xuan; Stewart, Ryan D. (2020-01-13)
      Field studies have been performed for decades to analyze effects of different management practices on agricultural soils and crop yields, but these data have never been combined together in a way that can inform current ...