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    • Quantum mechanics students' understanding of normalization 

      Watson, Kevin Lee (2017)
      Normalization is a particularly important concept within quantum mechanics due to the probabilistic nature of quantum systems. However, students' understanding of normalization has not been an explicit focus in past studies. ...
    • Rawls and capabilities: the current debate [draft] 

      D'Amato, Claudio (Virginia Tech, 2014)
      The capability approach to justice was con-ceived as an alternative to the Rawlsian scholar-ship that became dominant in moral and political philosophy at the end of the XX century. Among other issues, capability theorists ...
    • The road to moral independence: agency, gender, and family in The Last of Us [draft] 

      D'Amato, Claudio (Virginia Tech, 2014)
      ... The Last of Us (TLOU) is one of the most literary games of the modern era, and my personal favorite in a long time, perhaps since the equally well-written Mass Effect 2. It is ripe with moral dilemmas and psychologically ...