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    • Abiotic synthesis of graphite in hydrothermal vents 

      Estes, Emily R.; Berti, Debora; Coffey, Nicole R.; Hochella, Michael F. Jr.; Wozniak, Andrew S.; Luther, George W. III (2019-11-15)
      Deciphering the origin, age, and composition of deep marine organic carbon remains a challenge in understanding the dynamics of the marine carbon cycle. In particular, the composition of aged organic carbon and what allows ...
    • Recent advances in understanding the terminal Ediacaran Earth-life system in South China and Arctic Siberia 

      Cui, H.; Kaufman, Alan J.; Xiao, S.; Grazhdankin, D. V.; Peek, S.; Martin, A. J.; Bykova, N. V.; Rogov, V. I.; Liu, X. M.; Zhang, F.; Romaniello, S. J.; Anbar, A. D.; Peng, Y.; Cai, Y.; Schiffbauer, J. D.; Meyer, M.; Gilleaudeau, Geoffrey J.; Plummer, Rebecca E.; Sievers, N. E.; Goderis, S.; Claeys, P. (2019-11-22)
      The terminal Ediacaran contains dramatic changes in biogeochemical cycles, many of which are closely coupled with evolutionary transitions in the corresponding fossil records. Dynamic redox conditions may have caused a ...