Recent Submissions

  • Enhancing Flexibility: A Biosocial Model for Resilience to Adversity in Youth With Autism 

    Scarpa, Angela; Swain, D.M.; Factor, R.S.; Dahiya, A.V.; Bertollo, J.R. (SAGE, 2021)
    Flexibility is often associated with resilience from adversity. Youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are at risk of stress and trauma yet have inherent difficulties with flexibility, including rigid behaviors, routines, ...
  • Access to Autism Spectrum Disorder Services for Rural Appalachian Citizens 

    Scarpa, Angela; Jensen, Laura S.; Gracanin, Denis; Ramey, Sharon L.; Dahiya, Angela V.; Ingram, L. Maria; Albright, Jordan; Gatto, Alyssa J.; Scott, Jen Pollard; Ruble, Lisa (2020-01)
    Background: Low-resource rural communities face significant challenges regarding availability and adequacy of evidence-based services. Purposes: With respect to accessing evidence-based services for Autism Spectrum ...