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  • X3D Field Trips for Remote Learning 

    Polys, Nicholas F.; Meaney, Kathleen; Munsell, John F.; Addlestone, Benjamin J. (ACM, 2021-11-08)
    Combinations of immersive media and graphic portrayals can enable the human subjective sense of Presence. This paper collects our experiences and evaluations from six projects that use Extensible 3D (X3D) interactive ...
  • Effect of Topology and Geometric Structure on Collective Motion in the Vicsek Model 

    McClure, James E.; Abaid, Nicole (Frontiers, 2022-03-08)
    In this work, we explore how the emergence of collective motion in a system of particles is influenced by the structure of their domain. Using the Vicsek model to generate flocking, we simulate two-dimensional systems that ...
  • Crowdsourcing biocuration: The Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies (CACAO) 

    Ramsey, Jolene; McIntosh, Brenley; Renfro, Daniel; Aleksander, Suzanne A.; LaBonte, Sandra; Ross, Curtis; Zweifel, Adrienne E.; Liles, Nathan; Farrar, Shabnam; Gill, Jason J.; Erill, Ivan; Ades, Sarah; Berardini, Tanya Z.; Bennett, Jennifer A.; Brady, Siobhan; Britton, Robert; Carbon, Seth; Caruso, Steven M.; Clements, Dave; Dalia, Ritu; Defelice, Meredith; Doyle, Erin L.; Friedberg, Iddo; Gurney, Susan M. R.; Hughes, Lee; Johnson, Allison; Kowalski, Jason M.; Li, Donghui; Lovering, Ruth C.; Mans, Tamara L.; McCarthy, Fiona; Moore, Sean D.; Murphy, Rebecca; Paustian, Timothy D.; Perdue, Sarah; Peterson, Celeste N.; Pruss, Birgit M.; Saha, Margaret S.; Sheehy, Robert R.; Tansey, John T.; Temple, Louise; Thorman, Alexander William; Trevino, Saul; Vollmer, Amy Cheng; Walbot, Virginia; Willey, Joanne; Siegele, Deborah A.; Hu, James C. (2021-10)
    Author summary The primary scientific literature catalogs the results from publicly funded scientific research about gene function in human-readable format. Information captured from those studies in a widely adopted, ...
  • Neural network based pore flow field prediction in porous media using super resolution 

    Zhou, Xu-Hui X.; McClure, James; Chen, Cheng; Xiao, Heng (2021)
    Previous works have demonstrated using the geometry of the microstructure of porous media to predict the ow velocity fields therein based on neural networks. However, such schemes are purely based on geometric information ...
  • Approximating Community Water System Service Areas to Explore the Demographics of SDWA Compliance in Virginia 

    Marcillo, Cristina; Krometis, Leigh-Anne H.; Krometis, Justin (MDPI, 2021-12-16)
    Although the United States Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) theoretically ensures drinking water quality, recent studies have questioned the reliability and equity associated with community water system (CWS) service. This ...
  • Genome-wide identification of enhancers and transcription factors regulating the myogenic differentiation of bovine satellite cells 

    Lyu, Pengcheng; Settlage, Robert E.; Jiang, Honglin (2021-12-16)
    Background Satellite cells are the myogenic precursor cells in adult skeletal muscle. The objective of this study was to identify enhancers and transcription factors that regulate gene expression during ...
  • A database of global coastal conditions 

    Castaneda-Guzman, Mariana; Mantilla-Saltos, Gabriel; Murray, Kris A.; Settlage, Robert; Escobar, Luis E. (2021-11-26)
    Remote sensing satellite imagery has the potential to monitor and understand dynamic environmental phenomena by retrieving information about Earth's surface. Marine ecosystems, however, have been studied with less intensity ...
  • Division of Information Technology Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2020)
    This is the 2020 annual report for the Division of IT at Virginia Tech.
  • The Beginning of the End: A Chromosomal Assembly of the New World Malaria Mosquito Ends with a Novel Telomere 

    Compton, Austin; Liang, Jiangtao; Chen, Chujia; Lukyanchikova, Varvara; Qi, Yumin; Potters, Mark B.; Settlage, Robert; Miller, Dustin; Deschamps, Stephane; Mao, Chunhong; Llaca, Victor; Sharakhov, Igor V.; Tu, Zhijian Jake (Genetics Society of America, 2020-10-01)
    Chromosome level assemblies are accumulating in various taxonomic groups including mosquitoes. However, even in the few reference-quality mosquito assemblies, a significant portion of the heterochromatic regions including ...
  • Division of Information Technology Annual Report - Fiscal Year 2019 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2019)
    As described in this annual report, our work in FY 2019 focused on supporting the teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and engagement missions of Virginia Tech and strengthening the Division of IT ...
  • Deficiency in the endocytic adaptor proteins PHETA1/2 impairs renal and craniofacial development 

    Ates, Kristin M.; Wang, Tong; Moreland, Trevor; Veeranan-Karmegam, Rajalakshmi; Ma, Manxiu; Jeter, Chelsi; Anand, Priya; Wenzel, Wolfgang; Kim, Hyung-Goo; Wolfe, Lynne A.; Stephen, Joshi; Adams, David R.; Markello, Thomas; Tifft, Cynthia J.; Settlage, Robert E.; Gahl, William A.; Gonsalvez, Graydon B.; Malicdan, May Christine; Flanagan-Steet, Heather; Pan, Yuchin Albert (2020-05)
    A critical barrier in the treatment of endosomal and lysosomal diseases is the lack of understanding of the in vivo functions of the putative causative genes. We addressed this by investigating a key pair of endocytic ...
  • Specific labeling of synaptic schwann cells reveals unique cellular and molecular features 

    Castro, Ryan W.; Taetzsch, Thomas; Vaughan, Sydney K.; Godbe, Kerilyn; Chappell, John C.; Settlage, Robert E.; Valdez, Gregorio (2020-06-25)
    Perisynaptic Schwann cells (PSCs) are specialized, non-myelinating, synaptic glia of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ), that participate in synapse development, function, maintenance, and repair. The study of PSCs has relied ...
  • Division of Information Technology Annual Report - Fiscal Year 2018 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Information Technology, 2018)
    The Division of Information Technology provides and supports core technology services that are essential to the successful functioning of the university. These include ongoing services, innovations to existing services, ...
  • High-Dimensional Visual Analytics of Particle Kinematics 

    Polys, Nicholas F.; Diefenthaler, Markus; Rajamohan, Srijith; Whang, JooYoung; Romanov, Dmitry; Dahshan, Mai (2020-03-31)
    The goal of this project was to explore the feasibility of Semantic Interaction (SI) methods [SI1, SI2] for Nuclear Femtography. Semantic Interaction is an approach to Human and Machine learning that enables the users to ...
  • Visualizing Femto-Scale Dynamics – Final Report 

    Burkert, V.; Elouadrhiri, L.; Girod, F.X.; Heddle, D.; Polys, Nicholas F.; Schweitzer, P.; Vanderhaeghen, M. (2020-03-31)
    The team effort has resulted in the first-ever realistic visualization of force distribution on the quarks inside the proton in 3D views and animation. To further enhance the scientific value of this study, the difference ...
  • Development of a Responsible Policy Index to Improve Statutory and Self-Regulatory Policies that Protect Children’s Diet and Health in the America’s Region 

    Rincón-Gallardo Patiño, Sofía; Rajamohan, Srijith; Meaney, Kathleen; Coupey, Eloise; Serrano, Elena L.; Hedrick, Valisa E.; da Silva Gomes, Fabio; Polys, Nicholas F.; Kraak, Vivica (MDPI, 2020-01-13)
    In 2010, 193 Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed World Health Assembly Resolution WHA63.14 to restrict the marketing of food and beverage products high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) to children ...
  • Information Technology Strategic Plan for 2018-2024 

    Midkiff, Scott F.; Hall, Vicki (Virginia Tech. Information Technology, 2019-06-06)
    This strategic plan for the Division of IT provides a high-level framework for a continuous strategic planning and assessment process and for the initiatives in support of strategies, all within the context of Virginia ...
  • Information Technology Activities Report 07/08 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Information Technology, 2008)
    The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology was instrumental this year in several unique efforts: sponsoring the January meeting of the Common Solutions Group, and coordinating follow-on activities of ...
  • Information Technology Annual Report 2004-2005 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Information Technology, 2005)
    Information Technology encompasses the centrally provided communications and computing environment for Virginia Tech, including computing and networking infrastructure that supports the missions of Virginia Tech. The ...
  • Information Technology Annual Activities Report 2009-2010 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Information Technology, 2010)
    The vice president’s annual report for 2009‐2010 includes a review of key activities from across the organization, as well as unit reports from areas reporting to the vice president.

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