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    • Exploring Rain as Source of Biological Control Agents for Fire Blight on Apple 

      Llontop, Marco E. Mechan; Hurley, Kelly; Tian, Long; Galeano, Vivian A. Bernal; Wildschutte, Hans K.; Marine, Sasha C.; Yoder, Keith S.; Vinatzer, Boris A. (2020-02-14)
      Poor survival on plants can limit the efficacy of Biological Control Agents (BCAs) in the field. Yet bacteria survive in the atmosphere, despite their exposure to high solar radiation and extreme temperatures. If conditions ...
    • Strain-level identification of bacterial tomato pathogens directly from metagenomic sequences 

      Mechan Llontop, Marco Enrique; Sharma, Parul; Aguilera Flores, Marcela; Yang, Shu; Pollock, Jill; Tian, Long; Huang, Chengjie; Rideout, Steven; Heath, Lenwood S.; Li, Song; Vinatzer, Boris A. (Scientific Societies, 2019-12-12)
      Routine strain-level identification of plant pathogens directly from symptomatic tissue could significantly improve plant disease control and prevention. Here we tested the Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) MinIONTM ...