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    • Genomic features of bacterial adaptation to plants 

      Levy, Asaf; Gonzalez, Isai Salas; Mittelviefhaus, Maximilian; Clingenpeel, Scott; Paredes, Sur Herrera; Miao, Jiamin; Wang, Kunru; Devescovi, Giulia; Stillman, Kyra; Monteiro, Freddy; Alvarez, Bryan Rangel; Lundberg, Alvarez Derek S.; Lu, Tse-Yuan; Lebeis, Sarah; Jin, Zhao; McDonald, Meredith; Klein, Andrew P.; Feltcher, Meghan E.; Rio, Tijana Glavina; Grant, Sarah R.; Doty, Sharon L.; Ley, Ruth E.; Zhao, Bingyu; Venturi, Vittorio; Pelletier, Dale A.; Vorholt, Julia A.; Tringe, Susannah G.; Woyke, Tanja; Dangl, Jeffery L. (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-01-01)
      Plants intimately associate with diverse bacteria. Plant-associated bacteria have ostensibly evolved genes that enable them to adapt to plant environments. However, the identities of such genes are mostly unknown, and their ...