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  • Micky Arison's foundation donates $3 million to Ukrainian refugees 

    Zelinski, Andrea (Travel Weekly, 2022-03-28)
    The Carnival Corporation chairman, Micky Arison, and his foundation have pledged three million dollars to help the Ukrainian refugees. One Million will go to World Central Kitchen.
  • Ukraine War a Concern for Travel Advisors and Clients 

    Shapiro, Kenneth (Travel Age West, 2021-12-10)
    The war in Ukraine is a concern for many travel professionals and their clients, however, there have not been any major changes to most itineraries. While there is much concern surrounding the conflict there has been little ...
  • Hotel Companies Shutting Down Development, Closing Offices in Russia 

    Wood, Donald (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-10)
    Many hotel companies are suspending future investments and closing corporate offices in Russia due to the continued war in Ukraine. New hotels that were scheduled to open have also been shut down.
  • Russian War on Ukraine Is Making Americans Rethink European Travel 

    Baratti, Laurie (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-08)
    It had been expected that Americans would be turning out in large numbers for post-covid vacations, however, the war in Ukraine has impacted the travel plans of many. European countries, with the conflict in their own ...
  • Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Leading to Jump in Travel Security Service Plans 

    Pfalz, Lacey (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-11)
    Global Rescue, the world's leading provider of medical, security, evacuation, and travel risk management services had seen a jump in the non-medical evacuation services since Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • Hotels Donating Rooms, Money to Ukraine Relief Efforts 

    Wood, Donald (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-21)
    Members of the American Hotel & Lodging Association announced that they will be supporting those in need from the Russian invasion of Ukraine by donating one million room nights and 110 million reward points. Marriott will ...
  • How the Travel Industry Is Supporting Ukraine 

    Pfalz, Lacey (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-08)
    The Russian attack on Ukraine is hitting home across the globe in the hearts of many. Many companies are assisting and donating services to Ukrainian refugees in the form of hotel rooms, reward points such as miles are ...
  • Several Cruise Lines Cancel Scheduled Stops in Russia, Ukraine 

    Wood, Donald (Travel Pulse, 2022-03-05)
    Several cruise lines have altered or canceled scheduled sailings that included stops in Ukraine and Russia. New stops are being added to cruise companies' ports of call such as Sweden, Baltic ports, and South Korea.
  • Why Hotel Quality Should Be Right Next to Price as a KPI in 2022 

    De Kock, Lize (Hotel News Resource, 2021-10-26)
    TrustYou, a guest feedback platform, found that Hotel reputation suggests customers are willing to pay more when the decision comes between a slightly better reputation and a slightly lower price. De Kock is suggesting ...
  • Amex GBT, Cvent Add Dozens of CSR Questions for Hotel RFPs 

    News, Business Travel (Hospitality Net, 2021-09-02)
    American Express Global Business Travel and Cvent, an event planning and resource company, have partnered to generate a survey with 47 tailored questions. These questions will be partnered with Requests for Proposal (RFPs) ...
  • OYO and Microsoft announce strategic alliance to digitally transform the travel industry 

    Homes, OYO Hotels and (Hospitality Net, 2021-09-10)
    OYO and Microsoft are partnering to streamline guest and host experiences. Microsoft’s Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities through their Microsoft Azure software are looking to prepare OYO to bring their service to the ...
  • AHIC 2021 at a glance: a sneak peek at the sessions and speakers set for this year’s highly anticipated event 

    Conference, Arabian Hotel Investment (Hospitality Net, 2021-09-06)
    The Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) has teamed up with four other major investment communities, with the theme "Rise Together" as their focus for their 2021 conference. An abundance of exclusive investing and ...
  • Checking-In: Houston Hotelier Navigates Challenging Times and Finds Success 

    White, Haley (Hospitality Net, 2021-09-10)
    This article is in partnership with a video from Hospitlaity Net’s “Checking In” series. The series highlights hospitality professionals and what they are doing to adjust to the pandemic. This story highlights Brandon ...
  • A Complete Guide to Digital Concierges In 2021 

    Singh, Raj (Hospitality Net, 2021-08-02)
    Raj Singh, CEO of Go Moment, writes to inform readers of the benefits of adopting the digital concierge into hotels. The benefits far exceed the hotel industry with the various functions that it seeks to offer. From a ...
  • Mexican Tourism Ministers Looking to Add COVID-Related Requirements 

    Wood, Donald (Travel Pulse, 2021-09-02)
    This article briefly explains the tensions between Mexican federal government and the Ministers of Tourism. The ministers are trying to implement Covid-19 protocols to help prevent the increase of cases in the country. ...
  • Employees' Individual Needs, Broken Trust Complicate Hotel Labor Shortage 

    Wroten, Bryan (Hotel News Now, 2021-09-02)
    As the hospitality industry seeks to cope with the labor challenges brought on by the pandemic, industry professionals suggest a few potential options or opportunities to consider. From increasing communication around the ...
  • Pandemic Made Hotel Revenue Managers Get More Creative 

    Wroten, Bryan (Hotel News Now, 2021-09-03)
    This article discusses how Revenue managers have collaborated with operations teams during the pandemic. This was done to help revenue managers have a better grasp on what was feasible for the operations teams in real time. ...
  • AAHOA, Marriott Update Their Human Trafficking Awareness Training 

    Brock, Ed (Asian Hospitality, 2021-08-29)
    In this article, Ed Brock informs the reader of the updates that AAHOA has taken, in partnership with organizations ECPAT-USA, AHLAF, and the Polaris Project to adjust their approach to training employees on how to identify ...
  • How to Resolve the Current State of Emergency in Hospitality Employment 

    Williams, Court (HVS Executive Search, 2021-07-26)
    Court Williams offers an extensive peek into the issues facing the hospitality industry today. His research highlights that the main issues coming out of Covid-19 will require businesses to reassess everything that they ...
  • Associations Tout ‘Big Wins’ In Advocating for Federal Per Diem Rates, EIDL Loans 

    Brock, Ed (Asian Hospitality, 2021-08-25)
    Hospitality Associations celebrate the opportunities that the stabilization of the government per diem rates will bring. The overall sentiment is excitement about the stability that this decision will provide for the fiscal ...

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