In search of the "different voice" in the organization: men's and women's construction of their work-roles

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of women's "different voice" on their organizational behaviors. The phrase "different voice" is used here to indicate that women perceive realities and think about them in a manner distinct from men. The study examines this issue by focusing on how men and women, working in similar positions within similar organizations, construct their work-roles.

The specific research questions that this study pursues are the following:

  1. Does the "different voice" find its expression in women's construction of their work-roles? and
  2. If so, in what ways?

The study uses the ethnomethodological perspective on understanding roles.

For the purpose of data collection, the study uses several methods. Among them, the in depth interview is the major one. In depth interviews are conducted wi th twelve informants, six men and six women, who are working as heads of various academic departments in a university. All the interviews were tape-recorded and later transcribed.